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Farragut residents get ‘off the couch’

Farragut residents Juli Urevick and Angie Lyle have started Off the Couch Fitness, an outdoor “fitness camp” concept meeting in Farragut parks.

Urevick said she first imagined “off the couch” as a business name about five years ago.

“We just kind of started talking about it. Angie had been through an outdoor fitness program and there’s nothing like that in Farragut really … and we have such beautiful parks, we thought, ‘It’s time to take advantage of it,’” Urevick said.

Urevick is certified as an aerobics instructor and has coached soccer at the high school and college level. Lyle has led cheerleading and dance classes at her studio.

“I just think the outdoor environment is a fun environment. It’s not as stressful. It’s not the gym, where you’ve got to put on certain clothes, wear your makeup,” Lyle said.

“I love being outside and getting fit outside. It’s been just a natural fit for us,” Urevick said.

“We have worked out all our lives … just seeing the benefit of that and wanting to share that. It’s a love and a passion,” Lyle said.

The pair offer classes at 6 a.m. in Fox Run and at 9:15 a.m. at the Cove at Concord Park. The classes are offered Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and last 45 minutes.

Participants sign up and pay for a month at a time.

“You sign up for a month. We want people to commit for a month … you see great results and we’ll have most of the people probably return,” Urevick said.

“That’s your accountability and your encouragement,” Lyle said.

Urevick said the pair help people from “all different fitness backgrounds,” from marathon runners to “people who are just getting off the couch.”

“Both of them worked at their own level and both of them said, ‘Wow. Great workout.’ It’s not as intimidating,” Lyle said of two participants at different fitness levels.

Off the Couch is open to men and women of all fitness levels and ages.

“Once they have that desire, even a little … we’ll come alongside and encourage you and help you reach the level you want to,” Lyle said.

“You see results because there’s a variety of different things you’re working on,” she added.

Lyle said the workouts are “mixed up” to work different muscle groups. One day’s workout may target arms while the next day’s may focus on a cardio workout.

“You may see some repeats, but we’re going to be working the different muscle groups on different days,” Lyle said.

“What we’ve seen in this type of fitness is that you lose inches,” she added.

Most of all, Lyle and Urevick want participants to have fun and not worry about counting crunches.

“It is just a lot of fun and high energy,” Urevick said.

Lyle and Urevick plan to continue outdoor classes throughout the winter, barring any severe weather.

“We plan on being out there and just enjoying the great outdoors. When it’s cold and you’re working out, you’re burning more calories,” Urevick said.

Off the Couch is offering a free week the week of Sept. 8 for possible participants to see what the class is like. The first month-long session will begin Sept. 15.

For more information, call 865-235-3114.


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