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Board hears Campbell Lakes traffic light appeal again

Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen heard from concerned business owners along Campbell Station Road at its meeting Thursday, Aug. 28.

Holiday Inn marketing director Jack Moore, also a resident of Fox Den, worries about the safety of drivers making left turns onto Campbell Station from Campbell Lakes Drive and from the entrance to his hotel and the new Campbell Station Center.

“My hotel at Campbell Station Road is staying full virtually every night … the traffic has become very exciting, very intense,” Moore said.

He compared Campbell Station to a “NASCAR race track.”

“The problem is not as exasperating on the north side [of Campbell Lakes], where Cracker Barrel, where Wild Wing is because they can exit out on Parkside Drive.

“But my people have no choice. They’ve got to take their lives [in their own hands] … it’s an impossibility to turn back left,” Moore said.

“We need some help with a light there,” he added. Moore has addressed the Board repeatedly concerning a light at Campbell Lakes Drive.

Town Engineer Darryl Smith said the traffic on Campbell Station does not warrant a traffic signal.

“We have performed a couple of traffic counts out there. We know there’s certainly plenty of traffic on Campbell Station Road; [but] on Campbell Lakes … on looking at both sides, there’s not enough traffic to warrant a signal at that location,” Smith said.

He added that installing a signal would cause trouble at the Grigsby Chapel Road/Campbell Station intersection, particularly in Grigsby Chapel’s double left turn lanes.

Currently, drivers turning left from Grigsby Chapel onto Campbell Station have about 1,800 feet to merge right to get to the Interstate eastbound on ramp. Placing a light at Campbell Lakes, pictured right, would cut that distance approximately in half.

The result, Smith said, would be to make the far left turn lane on Grigsby Chapel useless for those heading to the Interstate.

“People will be very reluctant to be in that left, left turn lane because they won’t have the time to move over before they have to stop at the next signal,” Smith said.

That could cause traffic on Grigsby Chapel to back up, he added.

“We already have some problems there and I don’t think [a signal] would be a good idea, or warranted, at Campbell Lakes,” Smith said.

Alderman John Williams said the traffic from the Interstate heading south on Campbell Station could back up as well.

Moore said the traffic situation impedes his business and customers tell him they will not return because of the difficulty of making the left turn out of the hotel entrance.

“In the hotel business, roughly 50, 55 percent of your business is repeat business,” he said.

Smith said there are places throughout Town where it is difficult to make left hand turns across other lanes of traffic.

“If we look at putting the signal there, we would be following the same logic that would warrant a signal at the B-P, a signal at Pilot. It’s very difficult throughout that stretch to make a left turn on Campbell Station Road,” he said.

“For that matter, it’s difficult to make a left turn out of Sam and Andy’s on Kingston Pike.

“Unless a signal is warranted in any location, I have a hard time supporting it,” he added.

Alderman Dorothy “Dot” LaMarche asked if there were options besides a traffic light.

Smith said there was no room for another outlet, as there was on the north side, where Campbell Lakes traffic can exit to Lake’s Edge Drive and to Parkside.

Williams asked if the traffic light, if installed, could be only a flashing yellow light during peak traffic hours and an operational green, yellow, red at non-peak hours to avoid traffic stacking during all the intersections’ busiest hours.

“Consider whether there could be a few hours a day where that light could be programmed to be just a flashing yellow,” Williams said.

Ford asked to place the item on the agenda for the Board’s next meeting, Thursday, Sept. 11.


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