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YMCA finds home in Northshore’s Jefferson Park

It is official — Farragut’s YMCA is moving out of Farragut proper.

Jim Dickson, president and CEO of Knoxville YMCA, said, “[Thursday, Aug. 21] at 2 p.m., Scott Davis signed a deed over to the Y-M-C-A for four acres of property on Northshore that is currently in his subdivision, Jefferson Park.”

After Tennessee Valley Authority nixed a plan to place a YMCA at Concord Park and Sugarwood residents voted down a proposed Y in their neighborhood, Dickson and Davis continued negotiations on the Jefferson Park location.

Dickson said the most exciting aspect of this new building for him is the free-and clear ownership of the property.

“I can’t emphasize ownership of property enough … that we have full control over it forever. It is really a great thing.”

When farragutpress first reported, in January, that Davis was contemplating making the donation to YMCA, some readers questioned the idea of a YMCA inside a residential neighborhood.

Now, with the rendering of the building completed, Dickson spoke about the logistics.

“If you have been out there and you see [Davis’] boulevard that goes off of Northshore, The Y-M-C-A starts at the boulevard and has frontage all the way down Northshore to where Montgomery Cove starts.

“You can just pull in off Northshore,” he added.

In a previous interview with farragutpress Davis said, “The Y-M-C-A and Jefferson Park community would compliment each other. I know if my wife and kids could ride their bikes to a [facility such as the YMCA], they would love it.”

Dickson said of the design for the building, “We want to fit in the neighborhood, so the design of the building has been approved by Scott. It goes with the look of the homes that are going in there.”


“ ...We certainly didn’t want to be a sore thumb sticking out on the road in front of a nice subdivision.

He said the new building is going to be “a fantastic family Y-M-C-A.”

“[It will be] about 23,000 or 24,000 square-feet, complete with a six-lane swimming pool with a ramp for people to easily get in and out of the pool.

“This Y-M-C-A will replace the Farragut Y-M-C-A that is now on Kingston Pike, so all those programs will be transferring over, and since we do not have a pool at that Y we will add all the aquatic programs as well,” he added.

“We will also be doing a lot of teen leadership and youth outreach programs from that facility. Youth sports, community health and wellness, we will continue to try and fight obesity through our “Activate Knoxville” program …lots of senior programs, community collaborations. We currently have a church and a lot of groups that meet in our Y, so we are excited to have a permanent place.”

The current Farragut YMCA services close to 1,000 families regularly and Dickson said he expects those numbers to increase with this new facility.

“We [have] gone out and done traffic studies and the traffic that goes by this site is more than goes by Concord [Park], so it really ties in a lot of Lenoir City folks and other people. Between Harvey Road and Choto Road and Concord Road there are a lot of people who drive in front of this Y-M-C-A everyday and we can’t wait to serve those communities.

Members of Farragut YMCA will have their memberships transferred to the new YMCA facility.

Dickson expects to break ground by the end of the year.

“We have been designing the building all along, knowing this was about to happen so we should be ready to have construction start by the end of this year. It usually takes about a year [to build].

“We have already got our architect and contractor working on it, so everything is in full speed to make this happen.”


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