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ē Via e-mail: I was going to make a comment about the Farragut Post Office, just like all the other letters, about how bad things were. I had my letter all typed out and ready to go. However, I went to the Post Office this Monday morning to mail a package and, wow, things had actually changed. There were three postal workers working at the counter. They were friendly and seemed happy to work there. I was in and out in no time. Whatever changes have been made, keep them. If it was like this all the time, there would be few complaints!

ē Via e-mail: Not to harp on the Farragut Post Office, but a comment about the Post Office in general, especially its package tracking on the Internet. Package tracking is supposed to be available via Internet at the USPS Web site. I have noticed that anytime I try to track a package from Amazon or any other retailer that uses the postal service, that the same stale message appears stating that information will be posted when and if available. Whatís the point of having the site if your staff canít punch in a few numbers to locate packages. I would imagine the post office is paying someone to monitor the package Web site and will raise postage another penny to pay them more. Of course, local carriers havenít learned to accurately deliver mail to addresses clearly on printed on letters and magazines (mine show up several doors down frequently).

ē It is Thursday, Sept. 4, 2008: I am concerned what condition our nation will be in on Sept. 4, 2009. Weíre on a downhill grade at present, and after listing to our potential vice president [Gov. Sarah Palin, R-Alaska] last night I have even more concerns. It is inconceivable that we would choose a person who brags on being able to remove people from office and sell the state airplane. When we add that she was raised in a small town in Alaska, now has a baby, became the mayor, has less than two years government experience and now some family problems, it makes for a good soap opera script. I am neither Democrat nor Repub-lican, I just pray for strong and diplomatic leadership. This is not it.

ē Ever since John McCain nominated Sarah Palin, [Barack] Obama supporters have engaged in a smear campaign against the Republican vice presidential nominee. Sarah Palin is a decent, accomplished mother of five and a governor of an important state. She is also an expert on oil and gas regulation and production. She enjoys an 80 percent approval rating in her home state. Contrast that with the nine percent approval rating now enjoyed by Congress. This Congress is led by Democrats, including [Speaker] Nancy Pelosi [D-Calif.], Harry Reid [D-Nevada] and Barack Obama [D-Illinois]. Obama supporters have attacked this principled young woman and her 17-year-old daughter for no reason other than partisan politics. These Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for resorting to the lowest form of politics. Shame on you, Barack Obama, and shame on your supporters who attack Sarah Palin.

ē I was calling about the panhandlers and vagrants that hang out at the intersection of I-40 and Campbell Station. We wish the farragutpress would start some dialogue about the homeless, and itís not really a homeless problem in Farragut, itís more of a vagrant problem. We wanted to let everyone know thereís a camp of men right across the street, in the woods, from Country Inn Suites. They also sleep under the bridge, when you go under the 1-40 overpass you can see íem up there. And big surprise, all the cars get broken into at Wild Wing [Cafť] all the time. We wanted to let everyone know that this problem exists really, really bad. Thatís probably where most of the car break-ins are coming from. What weíre more concerned about is the fact that it is less than half a mile from Farragut Primary [School]. If we could all, maybe, call and let Knox County know that itís a problem because the crowd down there starts getting bigger and bigger and bigger the colder it gets.

ē I love the cartoon in todayís paper about the farragutpress. Several days ago I was at the end of a long line and an elderly lady was in the middle of the line. And there was one clerk. The elderly lady was having to even hold onto the wall because she said she was so tired from having to stand in line so long. The clerk finally asked her if she was alright, and the others in front of her let her go ahead. Isnít there anything that can be done about this? I mean, the wait is just absolutely ridiculous anymore.

ē I would rather have a former mayor of a small town and the governor of the largest state a heartbeat away from the presidency than a community organizer as our president. He claims that heís had experience running his campaign for over 18 months. Well, Americans arenít voting for a campaign manager. Sarah Palin has run the government of her state. Barack Saddam Obama has run a campaign. With those credentials itís no wonder heís so close to John McCain in the polls. My grandson is autistic and my daughter-in-law is no shrinking violet. She and my son have full-time jobs and care for my grandson with love and compassion. Barack Saddam Obama has said his mother-in-law takes care of his kids. Iím sure that Mr. Palin and the rest of the family network can do the same. Women have been multi-tasking since time began and Sarah Palin is no exception.


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