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Chamber marks 21 years in West Knox

As farragutpress celebrates its 20th anniversary, the Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce marks 21 years working with West Knoxville businesses.

The town of Farragut founded the Chamber in 1987. The first director, Jan Parks, also was a town of Farragut staff member.

“We have a very strong relationship with the Town. They are very, very supportive of what we do and of our growth,” said Chamber president Bettye Sisco, adding that the Town remains an Enterprise Elite sponsor of the Chamber.

“Obviously, the Chamber of Commerce and the Town worked closely together and worked well together,” said Betsy Morrow, president of the Chamber from 1992 to 2001.

“We partnered with the Town … they assisted us when we started the 5K run. We always worked with them on Freaky Friday Fright Night.” she added.

“Chambers are about businesses, but they are also about quality of life for the area … so, hopefully, we were a good player in that community.

“We certainly fought to be,” Morrow said.

During Morrow’s tenure, the Chamber moved locations from the lower level of the Century 21 building to its current headquarters in the Michael Bates building.

In addition, the Chamber expanded to include businesses outside Farragut town limits.

“A large number of members were outside the Farragut limits in the West Knox area,” Morrow said of the Chamber’s name change.

In 1992, the Chamber had 75 members. Today, the number is around 700.

“Our membership has held steady at 700,” Sisco said.

“We’ve seen a lot of growth in that time frame, and I know they’ve seen more and more as more businesses come,” Morrow said.

“It’s certainly becoming a fast-growing community and a lovely place to live … The business growth in Farragut has really been quite incredible,” she added.

“Certainly, Farragut will always attract businesses that have appeal to people who live in that end of the County. There are some unique businesses and some great restaurants,” Morrow said.

“Your glass is either half full or half empty, and I think ours is definitely half full,” Sisco said of continued growth in Farragut.

For more information about the Chamber, call 865-675-7057.


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