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police reports

• Aug. 22: A Comblain Road woman advised between Aug. 15 and Aug. 18, an unknown suspect shot the lantern light on top of her mailbox. She stated other residents in Fox Run also had lights vandalized.

• Aug. 22: An unidentified complainant came to Family Justice Center for an order of protection. She stated she had two handguns she wished to have removed from her residence and brought them to FJC.

• Aug. 23: Knox County Sheriff’s officers responded to a location off Farragut Commons Blvd. on report of a possible dog attack. Victim stated while walking her dogs to the mailbox, the neighbor’s dog ran at her in an aggressive manner. Victim also stated the same dog attacked her and her dogs in March. Owner of dog stated the dog did run towards the victim but did not attack. Owner did not know of any previous attacks.

• Aug. 24: Officers were dispatched to a residence off Old Tavern Circle to investigate a burglary. Victim advised Officer Angela Parris between midnight and 7:30 a.m., an unknown suspect gained entry to the house through an unlocked rear door. Victim’s purse and contents were the only items missing.

• Aug. 25: Complainant with Powell Construction advised copper wire welding leads were stolen from a construction site next to Gander Mountain. Tire prints were seen in the mud going into the building where copper was kept. Truck with the same tire prints was seen the next day at the construction site. Persons in the truck were asked to leave before the tire prints were recognized. Complainant gave Officer Frava Limburg the license plate number of suspect truck.

• Aug. 25: Complainant from Jackson Truck and Trailer advised a license plate had been lost from one of the company trailers, but he was not sure when or where.

• Aug. 26: A Broken Saddle Road woman advised KCSO support staffer Frava Limburg all four tires on her company vehicle had been cut during the night. Complainant stated her daughter heard a “pop” at about 3 a.m. Daughter checked the vehicle, parked on the street, but noticed nothing wrong. Damage was not found until the morning.

• Aug. 26: Complainant from Ground Breakers stated an unknown suspect stole a trailer, water wagon, sump pump and fuel pump from the company’s construction site off Sonja Drive at Campbell Station Road.

• Aug. 26: Complainant from Ground Breakers stated an unknown person stole 42 metal castings for water fittings and a 35-foot chain and lock from the company’s construction site off Sonja Drive.

• Aug. 26: Officer Curtis Harvest was dispatched to Pittsburgh Paints to investigate a burglar alarm. Harvest observed unsecured door and broken glass on the east side of the business. Manager of the business arrived and stated the only item he observed missing was a cash drawer containing $40 in change.

• Aug. 26: Officer Charles Kuykendall responded to Weigel’s Market off Kingston Pike on report of theft. Complainant stated suspect entered the gas station and stole four cigars. Suspect left in a blue Honda.

• Aug. 26: A Turkey Creek Road man advised an unknown suspect gained access to his vehicle during the night. His gun was stolen and other things had been rifled through. Complainant did not know if vehicle was locked.

• Aug. 27: Complainant from Petro Stopping Center stated an unknown suspect stole 12 DVDs. No names or brands were available for the DVDs at time of report.

• Aug. 27: A Congressional Point man stated two checks were taken from his checkbook. He advised he let a family member and two friends stay at his residence and he does not know who took the checks.

• Aug. 27: Complainant from Kohl’s Department Store off Kingston Pike advised Officer Matt Lusk he had investigated employee theft at Kohl’s. Complainant stated former employee and arrestee had rung up several items and had used a $10 reward coupon repetitively to reduce the total purchase to $0. Arrestee had done this four times: twice Aug. 15 for purchases of $220.85 and $110.68, Aug. 16 for $197.54 and Aug. 21 for $224.12. Total loss was $753.19. Another arrestee received $642.57 of the merchandise from the store.

• Aug. 28: A Concord Wood Drive woman told Officer Mike Freels she received a letter from Charter Communications about an incident that occurred in South Carolina. Letter informed victim that laptop computers had been stolen from an office in Greenville, S.C., and customer information was on the computers. Victim wanted to file a report with Federal Trade Commission but had to have a local police report.

• Aug. 28: A Sundancer Way man advised an unknown suspect stole a golf bag containing $3,000 to $4,000 of golf clubs from his garage.

• Aug. 28: A Chestnut Grove Road woman advised police an unknown suspect took $20 from victim, a resident off Concord Road. Complainant advised there have been home care individuals in victim’s home.

• Aug. 28: Officer Martin Woodrow responded to Walgreen’s off Kingston Pike on report of suspect trying to pick up a false prescription. Complainant told officer that people in a specified truck were those trying to get a prescription filled for 60 10-milligram Hydrocodone pills. Prescription was called in Aug. 27 in a name that did not match one of the suspects. Two suspects were detained for further investigation. A K-9 alerted on the vehicle the suspects were in, and approximately 33.5 grams of a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana was found in the glove box of the vehicle. This was in two separate bags. One gram of white powder also was found stuffed in a drink can. It field tested positive for cocaine. Male suspect said the drugs were his. He was arrested for possession for resale of marijuana, simple possession of cocaine and trying to get a false prescription. Female suspect was charged with the false prescription. Both suspects waived their Miranda rights and admitted to trying to get the false prescription.

• Aug. 28: Officers responded to a Broken Saddle Road residence when complainant called to report items had been stolen from her residence. Complainant stated an unknown suspect entered through an unlocked garage door and removed $5,000 in quarters and half dollars from an upstairs bedroom. Nothing else in the residence was touched.

• Aug. 28: Complainant from Ken Jo gas station off Campbell Station Road reported a theft. Two men walked into the market and came up to complainant. First man gave complainant $100 to pre-pay for gasoline. Second man hung around for a few minutes, then went back outside, where first man was fueling his vehicle. Afterwards, they both walked back into the market. First man went into the store and second man asked complainant for the change from his $100, which was $62. Complainant gave him the money and he left. A few minutes later, the first man asked the complainant for his change back. At this time, complainant realized his mistake but gave the first man the $62. Complainant advised the first man is a regular customer but he had never seen the suspect before. No vehicle information was available.

• Aug. 30: A Mountain Pass Lane man advised Officer Jill Breeden an unknown suspect took a leaf blower, weed eater, hedge trimmer and sheers from the back of his truck. Items were not secured but were laying in the bed of his truck.

• Aug. 31: A Carriage Station Lane woman advised between Aug. 28 and Aug. 30, an unknown suspect vandalized the light fixtures around the subdivision sign.

• Sept. 1: An East Avis Lane man called 9-1-1, advising “I just observed my neighbor force open my garage door and is stacking things outside my garage.” Victim further advised he observed neighbor’s wife standing at the edge of the driveway as lookout. Victim advised he exited his residence and confronted the suspects, who fled. Suspect had gathered numerous tools outside the victim’s garage. Officer Tim Atchley requested Forensics Division for latent fingerprints as evidence. Victim advised suspects appeared to be very intoxicated and staggered as they ran away.

• Sept. 2: A North Station man advised he lost his wallet between 8 and 11 a.m. Victim said he last had the wallet at BP gas station off Watt Road. Victim advised he checked through his vehicle and also returned to BP. He was told no wallet had been turned in or found by employees.

• Sept. 3: Officer Michael Bartleson responded to a residence of Wyndham Road on a theft call. Victim told officer she had sold season tickets to the Carolina Panthers Football games to the suspect, who lives in North Carolina. She had over-nighted the tickets to the suspect via UPS. UPS then returned to the victim’s house with a cashier’s check for $1,281.20. Victim went to cash the check but the bank told her the check was no good. Victim tried to contact the suspect by phone several times and was unable to find him. Victim needed a report so officials in North Carolina could follow up with fraud charges against suspect.

• Sept. 3: A Geronimo Road woman advised when she purchased a new vehicle, she thought her old tag would be transferred. She said the old tag was expiring and when she went to renew it, she discovered a new tag had been issued. Victim advised she never received the tag and was required to file a report in order to get a replacement.

• Sept. 4: An Oakland Hills Point man advised unknown suspects siphoned all the gasoline out of his Jeep Commander during the night. Victim advised he had a full tank of gas last night and this morning was on empty. He said this was the second time this has happened in the past two weeks.

• Sept. 5: A Farmhouse Road man advised police an unknown suspect entered his open garage and stole golf clubs and cash in the golf bag.

• Sept. 5: An employee of Farragut High School advised when she walked to her vehicle, she noticed the back windshield had been shattered. Complainant advised an unknown suspect had thrown a piece of concrete through it. She advised she saw no other damage at the time.

• Sept. 6: An Everett Road woman advised Officer Gary Disney she had returned from being out of town for a few days to discover her barn had been broken into. Victim stated the lock had been pried from the door and two lawnmowers and a drill had been stolen.

• Sept. 6: A Peterson Road woman advised an unknown suspect gained entry to her vehicle through an unlocked door and stole her vehicle registration, insurance card, vehicle owner manual, 10 CDs and a phone charger.

• Sept. 6: A Lanesborough Way man advised an unknown suspect took a Garmin GPS system from his company vehicle. He stated the vehicle was possibly unlocked.

• Sept. 6: A Brixworth Boulevard man advised an unknown suspect stole a chainsaw from his attached garage. The garage door was open.

• Sept. 6: A Sheppard Road man advised an unknown suspect stole his vehicle while it was parked at a church off Grigsby Chapel Road. Complainant stated the windows were down and the keys were in the vehicle. No tag or VIN numbers were available at time of report.

• Sept 7: Officers responded to BP gas station off Watt Road on an attempt to pass counterfeit currency. Com-plainant stated the suspect came into the store attempting to pre-pay $45 for gasoline. Complainant stated when she marked one of the two $20 bills, the money pin indicated it was possibly counterfeit. The bill was confiscated.

• Sept. 8: Complainant from Sharp Contracting advised forklifts were stolen off the forklift machine at a construction site off Parkside Drive.

• Sept. 8: An unknown suspect came into U.S. Golf off Snyder Road and concealed Callaway and Ping golf jackets. When complainant spoke to suspect about the items, suspect pulled the jackets from his pants and fled the store. Complainant was not sure if other items were taken. An unknown female was with the suspect as if to distract the complainant.

• Sept. 9: A Spruce Ridge Way woman advised her backpack — with notebook, textbook, keys, remote control ignition key, purse, camera, wallet, credit and debit cards and drivers license — were stolen from her unlocked Lexus. The car was parked in an open garage off Farragut Commons Boulevard.

• Sept. 9: A Benwick Lane man advised an unknown suspect entered his open garage and stole a leaf blower and hedge trimmer.

• Sept. 10: A Tillery Road woman advised the victim, a Fairview Drive resident, left his vehicle parked overnight in Kroger’s lot. When he returned the following night, the car was gone. Complainant spoke to Kroger manager, who advised they had not called a tow company in the past two days. Victim does not speak English well, so complainant made report for victim.

• Sept. 10: A Palestine Lane woman advised her dog was taken from its kennel between Sept. 8 and Sept. 10. She stated she heard a vehicle the night of the 8th but was afraid to go outside to see who it was. Complainant stated she did not see a suspect.

• Sept. 10: Officer Tim Belcher responded to a residence off Newport Road on report of a burglary. Victim said she returned home to find an unknown suspect had kicked in her back door. Victim said the suspect has searched through the house as if looking for something specific. Belcher found the suspect searched several drawers and dropped a hot cigarette, which burned the carpet, before leaving. Victim advised nothing seemed to be missing. X-ray technician officer responded to process the scene.


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