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Can’t help but laugh

I just read the presstalk section of the paper, and had to laugh over the two people who were blasting the criticism of Gov. Sarah Palin.

Where is the outrage of these people when the smear campaigns are directed at others in public life?

One of the women even referred to Barack Obama as “Barack Saddam Obama.” His name is Barack Hussein Obama!

If Sarah Palin can’t stand the scrutiny of the press and American people, then maybe she should have declined the VP job. She is running to be our VP!

She is going to encounter many tough situations and rulers of other countries. To this date, she has not done one single interview and has been able to give speech after speech where she criticizes her rivals mercilessly.

On the other hand, we barely know anything about her.

I think we as voters are entitled to ask questions and demand answers from those running for office. Already so many of the accomplishments she lists during her speeches have been proved to be false.

One example is her line about saying no to the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere.” She campaigned for governor of her state as being supportive of it. She only turned against it after so many people were outraged over how much it was going to cost. The Bridge was canceled, but her state still accepted the money from the government for other projects!

People need to be more informed of someone’s record and ideas before they blindly embrace them to be vice president.

Sure, she is an accomplished, smart woman, but she is not even remotely qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency!

Joni Joyce

Knox County

Y-not old Kroger for Y?

Why couldn’t the new YMCA be built where the old Kroger/Kmart was?

That location would serve the high school, the high school students, faculty, and all families in Concord, Farragut, West Farragut and Jefferson Park/

Choto Communities.

Oak Ridge has this arrangement between the high school and the Community Center. There are no bike paths,and there is no shoulder on the road on Northshore, so the idea that adolescents or younger kids could/should get to a Jefferson Park YMCA on their own is ridiculous unless they are in Jefferson Park subdivision.

Bike paths along Northshore between the parks would be wonderful for the entire community. The Y traffic will make it less safe for adults who already risk their lives riding here.

Elizabeth Wright

Knox County


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