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• Via e-mail: Several businesses at the corner of Campbell Station and Kingston Pike need mowing badly. I feel the owners and managers should have more respect for our community. It looks horrible. Can the town do something about it? I, for one, refuse to do business with landlords and business[es] that have no more pride in their business or respect for their neighbors than that.

• Via e-mail: This is in regards to the person who expressed concerns over [U.S. Sen. Barack] Obama’s [D-Ill.] experiences vs [Gov.] Sarah Palin’s [R-Alaska] experience. Let’s get the facts straight. Sen. Obama has [been] and is more than a community organizer. That was his job straight out of college. Now if you compare what Sarah Palin did after she attended several universities and received her journalism degree (yes the media industry) she was a sportscaster. So let us compare apples-to-apples, people. Also, may I also point out that Sen. Obama’s middle name is not Saddam — just the very fact that you can not even get his middle name correct speaks for your ignorance and lack of trying to get the facts on both candidates before making an informed decision. I am an Independent voter so issues and facts are more important to me than the persons race, sex or religion choice.

• Via e-mail: There was nothing “Christ-like” about [the] harangue [in last week’s farragutpress], unless hate has recently become a Christian value. While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, you might want to get your “factual” information from reputable sources rather than from e-mail forwards. That you actually have the arrogance and audacity to claim to know God’s choice in a political contest astounds me! Conceit is not high on the list of Christian values, either. For the future, you might consider “walking the walk of Christ’s love” rather than “talking your own hate-filled talk.”

• Via e-mail: The Wonderful Farragut Post Office. Now that you all mention it I had my own experience there a while back besides standing in line endlessly. I had an important package to ship and got there at closing time and they said they were closed. Could you imagine owning your own business and a customer coming at closing time with a transaction that wouldn’t take more than 30 seconds and saying: “Sorry we’re closed.” Talk about customer service and people going out of their way to help you. Apparently they don’t know who’s paying their salary and benefits. The customers buying stamps and postage and all of us taxpayers. I will remember those two wonderful women who made sure I was taken care of and in the future if they were ever needing my help I guess I’d have to tell them, “Sorry I’m closed.”

• Via e-mail: I solved my problem with the Farragut Post Office by buying stamps online. When I do have to go to the Farragut Post Office, I make sure to take a book with me to read while I wait in line.

• Every month there’s some good questions raised, some good concerns raised. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any on our water bills. I would suggest everybody look at your water bill next month, particularly if you have a home and water your lawn, because they are charging you the same for water that goes on the lawn or a swimming pool or whatever as they do for the water you use for your laundry, etc., etc. It’s just blatant profiteering by the water company.

• The so-called “dead zone” now that in the infinite wisdom of T-DOT has been created, is a situation that needs to be corrected ASAP. I have been completely amazed at the stupidity that has happened in Farragut in recent years: the tree-topping and just the complete destruction of the environment, and the apparent poisoning of these trees. We have created something that honestly resembles a war zone. Farragut is a beautiful community and we need to keep it beautiful. Those things need to be corrected ASAP, even if it is citizens themselves going out, spending their own money planting dogwoods and various other trees. It needs to be done immediately. It is too important to be ignored.

• On my way to the Post Office I noticed that there’s a vacant lot that’s full of weeds. It would be nice to have it mowed because everything else around it is so beautiful.

• I just wondered if the people who are writing in and calling in so much about [John] McCain’s vice president[ial nominee, Sarah Palin]. They’re saying she’s not qualified. I think she’s as much qualified to be president as [Barack] Obama is. He was in the [U.S.] Senate 143 days … the only time he served when he started building his campaign up. He has no experience whatsoever, and I think our country will go downhill if he gets in. And at least Palin has had some experience running a state.

• Let’s look at the gas price in Farragut. As often as it changes; on the average in Farragut, every 10 gallons of gas you buy you’re losing two-and-a-half cents a gallon at about every station you shop at. We have checked this numerous times.

• I was calling to say, shame on you caller from last week saying, “Shame on you” to Barack Obama. For one, on Sept. 1 in Monroe, Mont., Obama officially stated that Palin’s daughter was off limits to attacks, meaning that he in no way was going to attack Palin’s family. However, Palin, the woman you’re supporting, is the one bringing up her whole family every other sentence. If you noticed in her acceptance speech, she brought up the little baby she had at least three times in two minutes. If that’s not using your family for your position that you’re trying to gain, I don’t know what is. If you also noticed in one of Palin’s speeches, the husband of her daughter’s baby was there. Why was he there? Just so she could give something for the Demo-crats to talk about. So she’s trying to use her family to her advantage. That’s what she’s doing, no doubt about it. And so if she doesn’t want attacks, she shouldn’t be using her family, in my opinion.

• I’m calling in regard to the situation of Farragut Primary and Intermediate schools with the portable buildings, which are becoming more permanent than temporary solutions for overcrowding in these K-through-5 schools. It is a concern that these children who are housed in the portables for their education are exposed to weather conditions when they have to go to the cafeteria to lunch and other areas. Parents need to decide to take a stand and contact school boards, county commissioners and others about building a new school in the Farragut city limits.


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