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Comparing candidates

I have lots of friends and family in Tennessee. I believe most will agree that this national election is the most important to our country in recent history.

It most certainly is for me, and I am 81 years old. I personally see this as a contest between the two men running for president; although the vice presidential candidates do effect the way I see the country going.

One of the presidential candidates has worked his way to a great education through hard work. The other candidate was put in a special high school in order to get a high school diploma. He did poorly. Because of family influence, he was given an appointment to Annapolis ahead of much more deserving young men. He finished fifth from the bottom in his class and showed a minimum of leadership skills.

Because of family influence he gets into the pilot training program ahead of more deserving young men. He does poorly, crashes one plane and still graduates. He crashes two more planes, (probably pilot error) and still gets promoted ahead of others in his Annapolis class.

One of the candidates has been married and faithful to the same woman since they first walked down the aisle; the other admits to many affairs and divorced an ailing wife to marry another woman.

The winner of this election will have a chance to take America into the 21st Century; through logic and reason.

If the evangelical right manage to elect the pampered [U.S.] Navy retiree; we can expect our education system to fall behind the rest of the world.

Logic and reason can move us ahead.

The evangelicals cannot see beyond their faith. Faith and truth are not compatible.

The advances in science in the next four years [are] going to be truly amazing. I can only see our country leading the way if we elect the young man who worked for everything; to get to where he is today.

Retired Lt.Col. USAF

Larry J. Kluth



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