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Gift boutique opens
‘Girlfriends’ gift shop not afraid to walk a little on the ‘wild’ side

Turkey Creek’s newest shop is a little bit ‘wild.’

The Wild Pineapple, a gift shop aimed toward women, opened Friday, Sept. 26.

“It’s a lady’s gift boutique and our tagline for the store is ‘Where girlfriends go shopping,’” said Patty Gail White, owner, pictured above.

“It’s designed to be the place you go anytime you need to buy a girlfriend a gift,” she added.

The store carries wide ranges of products geared toward babies, preteens, teenagers, college students, working women and beyond.

Gifts include everything from candles to purses to jewelry to home decorative accessories.

“It pretty much covers the whole gamut of any time you would buy a gift for a girlfriend,” White said.

She wants to make sure men shop at her store as well, so she’s making it a little easier for them.

“We are keeping track of people’s wish lists, and so [men] just need to call and we’ll put together a present and they can pick it up at the end of the day,” White said.

“We’ll make sure we offer that service to the guys for all major holidays.

“We want those men to buy those ladies some presents,” she added.

White, a former event planner for Dell Computers in Austin, TX, opened The Wild Pineapple to fill a void.

“I’ve been staying at home and really wanted to get in contact with people again … that kind of led us to doing a gift store,” she said.

The name is a spin on a traditional hospitality icon.

“My girlfriends in Texas came up with the name of The Pineapple because it represents the gift of hospitality … and the store has a lot of gifts for parties and that kind of thing,” White said.

The “Wild” was added because White wanted a Web site and “most of the pineapple names were taken.”

“We wanted something wild and fun because it’s a wild and fun store, so that’s how we came up with The Wild Pineapple,” she added.

White is employing other stay-at-home moms and community women, as well as college and high school students.

“We have a lot of stay-at-home moms who are going to work one day a week because they want to be more involved and get out with the community again,” White said.

“We’ll have a lot of talented people working here,” she added.

“That way it feels like it’s everyone’s store, you know,” White said.

For more information, visit or call 865-671-6789.


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