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FBMA nixes Campbell Lakes light

Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen again discussed the possibility of a traffic light at Campbell Lakes Drive and Campbell Station Road at its meeting Thursday, Sept. 11.

The discussion followed Jack Moore’s address to the Board concerning Holiday Inn customers having difficulty turning left from Campbell Lakes Drive to head toward Interstate 40/75, Aug. 28. Moore was absent from the Sept. 11 meeting.

The Board also discussed the possibility of a light last September, but no action was taken.

“This is the third time the gentleman had been here and I think he deserves a vote,” said Mayor W. Edward “Eddy” Ford III.

“Traffic patterns change and it always warrants further discussion,” said Town Engineer Darryl Smith.

However, according to Smith, the intersection does not meet warrants for a traffic signal.

In 2007, Wilbur Smith Associates did a traffic count at the intersection between 7 a.m. and midnight.

“We followed that [original traffic count] with other counts … but we were seeing the very same numbers that we’d seen before,” Smith said.

The WSA report concluded some warrants were met if right-handed turns were counted, but common TDOT practice is to exclude right turning vehicles.

If they are excluded, the intersection meets no warrants.

“If the right-turn volumes were to be excluded, no warrants would be met for either 40 mph or greater than 40 mph,” the traffic count summary states.

The summary also states the construction of a traffic signal at Campbell Lakes could interfere with traffic at the I-40/75 interchange. The distance from Parkside Drive and Grigsby Chapel to the interchange is currently little more than 500 feet.

Also, “this spacing could possibly decrease with the proposed modification to the I-40 Campbell Station Road interchange,” a future TDOT project, the document reads.

Smith also has said a Campbell Lakes signal could interfere with left-handed turns from Grigsby Chapel.

“Anytime we look at putting a signal in any location, from any intersection, we’ve got to look at it not just for those people that are on the minor side streets, but at the operation of the intersection as a whole,” Smith said.

Town staff recommended against a signal and the Board concurred with staff’s decision.

In other business, the Board:

• Approved adding North Foxford Road to the resurfacing contract for fiscal year 2009. Approximately 1,545 feet of North Foxford in Kingsgate Subdivision will be resurfaced, which also will require replacing the existing curbs. Total cost for the project is $88,760.

Alderman Tom Rosseel asked Smith about the balance between the North and South wards, which was cause for discussion at a previous Board meeting.

Vice Mayor J. Michael Haynes had expressed his concern that more roads in the North ward were being resurfaced than in the South ward.

Smith said the engineering department had studied the resurfacing contracts for the past six years. Eliminating collectors and arterials, “because those are used by citizens of both wards,” Town had resurfaced 12.6 miles in the South ward and 12.8 in the North.

“It is not the intent to balance it out,” but to pick the roads that need the most work, Smith said.

“We on the south side appreciate the additional work,” Haynes said.

• Approved the town of Farragut Development Manual, a set of guidelines for developers and residents, illustrating the process of complying with Town regulations. “There is nothing in the manual that doesn’t reflect [Town regulations],” said Community Development Director Ruth Hawk. “It just gives people a heads up,” she added. Haynes added, “It’s a great document,”

• Approved Town’s traffic calming policy, which establishes procedure for resolving traffic issues in residential areas.


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