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• It behooves all of us that the board members, aldermen, in Farragut paid $200,000 more than the appraised value of the property that the Seals own. Who in the world, and why aren’t people doing something about this? The city, I didn’t know, was in the property business, owning property. This is the worst thing that I have ever seen happen. And many of the Farragut residents are very, very unhappy with this.

• First let me say that my son has an MBA in finance from Columbia University, so I can’t say anything bad about an Ivy League education other than the $80,000 price tag for his 18-month education to get the MBA. A lot of our presidents have had Ivy League educations and represented their colleges and our country well. Others have not. We’ve had well-documented womanizers such as FDR, John Kennedy and Bill Clinton in office. Two presidents were impeached, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. A lot of our presidents led us through wars, bombings in Oklahoma, attacks against the U.S.S. Cole, the Bay of Pigs invasion and the events of 9/11. One of our greatest president’s education amounted to a few months in a one-teacher school. He studied law by borrowing books and became a lawyer in 1836. This self-educated man wrote the Gettysburg Address and governed this nation during a very dark time in our history. Don’t look at the candidates’ education, look at their records and what they have done so far for our country.

• I believe we all, in this area, need to boycott Pilot gas stations. Who is with me? I have boycotted Exxon since the Valdez fiasco. It hasn’t been difficult. Pilot, who I used to drive to give my business to as a local company, does no longer deserve our business. They were the worst price gougers in the area two weeks ago. If everyone were to boycott, that would send a message.

• On Friday, Sept. 12, I found some money enclosed in a bank envelope right outside [a local business] in Turkey Creek. Immediately I gave it to the person right behind the counter ... said that I had found it right at the entrance to the doorway. I figured that someone would come asking for it because it was a large sum inside the envelope. He said he would put it in the safe. A few days later I went back and asked if someone claimed that money and they denied it, that they had ever received it. My comment is that if there is some kind of security or some kind of police station or main office at the Turkey Creek place there in the event of that happening, someone can turn money in rather than into these individuals that are not trustworthy. And if somebody does know someone that lost that amount of money maybe they could go in and question [the business] about it. I feel bad for the people that this happened to. Maybe if we had an office there in Turkey Creek they would be better served for the community.

• Whoever is responsible for retiming the traffic lights coming out of Farragut High School needs to fix them because I think the green light is only holding for about three seconds now. Trying to get out of the school is bad enough when the light holds longer, and it’s backing up into the school and it’s ridiculous. They need to fix it.

• I wanted to comment on the quality of the water from First Utility District. The water tastes absolutely horrible, and the reason for this probably is that it’s not thoroughly treated. Because of where they get it, from the Sinking Creek, probably the water needs to be treated with activated charcoal to take out the terrible taste. Anyway, comparing it with that from KUB, KUB’s water is so much better. First Utility District water is not fit to brush your teeth with nor to drink. You folks there ought to ask them about this and investigate it in my opinion.

• Via e-mail: Hey, hey, hey, it’s time to put moving signs in the yards of all incumbent politicians. Think about it! When a [The University of Tennessee] coach fails to produce, fans are ready to ride the person out on a rail. Our elected officials have totally failed to produce and refused to pass term-limit legislation that taxpayers have asked for. Our only answer is vote them out of office. [U.S. Sen. Lamar] Alexander [R-Tenn.], [U.S. Sen. Bob] Corker, short-timer, [R-Tenn.], and [U.S. Rep. John J.] Duncan [Jr. R-Tenn.] have been in Washington too long. It is time to bring in new blood and new ideas. They have presided over the present fiasco for years. How long have we needed an energy policy and they have done nothing, but try to stay in office. The least these guys could do is stir up a stink in Washington, but they have sat on their hands. They must be voted out of office.

• In response to the person praising the Farragut post office:  What planet have you been on that you “think the post office is doing a great job to accommodate this wonderful town?”  We all know you can buy stamps at any grocery store, so I for one never wait in line just to buy stamps. But when a package isn’t left in my box, it forces me to drive to Farragut (don’t live in Farragut but that is our post office). They usually only have one person working and it doesn’t matter what time of day it is or how long the line is.  I have used the “post office” (really a tanning salon) at Northshore, but if it were truly a post office then my packages could be left there.


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