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Best Buy to open in November

Best Buy in Turkey Creek will open its doors Friday, Nov. 14, months before the rest of Phase III.

At the same time, its Cedar Bluff store is undergoing renovations. It will hold a grand-reopening the same day. Each store will offer selections and equipment unique to it.

Turkey Creek Best Buy will have a

pick-up window.

“You don’t have to get out of your car; you just pull up and we’ll bring you the product,” store manager Adam Freshour said.

“We’re really going to tap in to people who are in a hurry and who are shopping on the Internet,” he added.

Freshour also is proud of the green initiatives taken in the Turkey Creek store. More than 30 sky-lights were installed to “help reduce the energy,” he said.

The building was painted white to reflect heat away from the building.

“That’s a big deal there,” he said.

Also Nov. 14, the Cedar Bluff store will kick-off the newest addition to the store: a musical instrument suite of rooms.

“The Knoxville store up here in Cedar Bluff is actually going to have musical instruments,” Freshour said.

“We’re putting in a full line of guitars and all kinds of musical instruments,” including keyboards and electric drums, Freshour added.

“We tinkered around with musical instruments … and now we’ve taken it to a new level,” said Wayne Rader, a Best Buy GeekSquad manager.

The Knoxville store will join approximately 60 other Best Buys nationwide that will have a musical instrument selection.

That section of the store will include display rooms for electric and acoustic guitars, a “jam room,” a soundproof drum room and a classroom for lessons.

The suite also may include a small stage for local bands to play.

“We want you to go over there and get the guitar and play with it,” Rader said.

“Every guitar we sell, every one, comes with four free thirty-minute group lessons. That’s something no one else in the world offers,” he added.

Both Best Buys will carry Apple computers and products as well as offer Best Buy Mobile, a collection of several brands of cell phones.

“What we’re really trying to do is create an environment where it makes a lot more sense [and is] a lot comfortable for the customer,” Mike McGinnis, Best Buy Mobile manager, said.

“There’s no mail-in rebates or anything like that. The phone is the price out the door,” he said.

“That actually tends to save a lot of people money there, as well as a lot of hassle.”

Because Best Buy is not a single-carrier store, McGinnis said he is able to offer more phones without bias.

“We have a lot of options we can go through there, and that’s really where it comes down to us being impartial,” McGinnis said.

According to Freshour, the greatest Best Buy offering is that no installation or service is contracted out: all employees are experts and all aspects of a purchase at the store are taken care of by store employees.

“We want to give them the best service that’s out there,” Freshour said.

“We’re really excited going in to Farragut: just being more convenient for our customers that shop us.

“We’re very excited about being a part of the community,” he added.

Bryan Warrick, soon-to-be manager at Best Buy Turkey Creek, said, “We’re very excited. We’ve been trying to get out [to Farragut] for a while.”

Best Buy is holding a job fair at the Farragut YMCA until Tuesday, Oct. 14.


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