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• Via e-mail: Since moving here not long ago, I have noticed one thing you all seem to have in common besides your love of The University of Tennessee football. Nearly everyone of you is a dog owner, and some of you even feel the need to have more than one pooch in your small little backyards. The problem for me, and I am sure for others, is you don’t seem to have a clue about proper etiquette of dog ownership, or respect for the peace and quiet of your neighborhood. This is a typical week of being your neighbor.

After a hard week of work, I am woken up every Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 a.m. by dog’s barking. Any time I have a day off, your dogs bark madly while you’re out (probably on the line at the post office, or trying to figure out how to use the roundabout). Every night after a long, hard day, I eat my dinner as your dog sits on your deck incessantly howling and barking to get inside while you walk around ignoring him. Oh how I wish I had your powers! Who needs a good nights sleep anymore? That went out with the twentieth century! I have more free hours to get things done after your dogs wake me up at 11:00 p.m. every night. My favorite way to spend the weekend isn’t relaxing in front of the tube and watching football. No, for me, nothing beats listening to your dogs howling morning, noon, and night while you are out of town. What loving pet owners you are! You obviously love your pets so much and just want them to get fresh air and to “express themselves.” Why would anyone want to call the Knox Animal Control 865-215-5240 and report you for disturbing the peace? There are rules, regulations, and responsibilities for pet ownership. Sec. 5-78. Nuisance animals. It shall be unlawful for any dog owner to keep or have within the city a dog that habitually or repeatedly chases, snaps at, attacks or barks at pedestrians, bicyclists or vehicles, or turns over garbage pails, or damages lawns, gardens, flowers or vegetables or conducts itself so as to be a public nuisance. It shall be unlawful for any dog or cat owner to permit a female dog or cat to run at large during estrus or to be exposed so as to attract male animals (Ord. No. O-484-93, ß 1, 8-31-93). When I am out for an evening stroll and I meet you and your dog along the public greenways, please don’t let him jump and slobber all over me. I know he is just a big friendly, loveable lug, but it is not fun to walk around with dog goo drying on my legs. If you recognize yourself in this letter, please do a “Google” search for “dog owner etiquette.” And for all those dog owners who show consideration for your neighbors by bringing their dogs inside when they start barking, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. “Dog-Tired” in Farragut.

• Via e-mail: I just wanted to comment about the disregard for the speed limit in a school zone. Every afternoon when school is dismissing, people are constantly “flying” in front of Farragut Primary School. There is clearly a school zone light flashing and many people just choose to ignore it. This situation is very prevalent going from the Primary School towards Kingston Pike (South). Many times I have been almost hit by trying to turn right out of the school (before the light at Village Green) and someone is inpatient and cuts from the straight only lane to the turn lane and to then cut back across to the other lane. Some person, let a lone a child, is going to be hit very soon because many parents choose to walk their child(ren) home or even to the library. The only time someone seems to slow down is when he or she sees a marked police car. Can we not set up unmarked cars to patrol this area and write tickets? I am not one for a speed trap but this to me IS NOT a speed trap but it is a safety issue and concern to our community!

• Via e-mail: In regards to the Farragut Post Office, I agree that something needs to change with this office. Ninety percent of the time I visit there is a line, which is not really a problem, but it could take you 25 minutes to process six people! Really. I don’t think I am exaggerating. I was in there about two weeks ago to get a money order and (of course) there were at least eight people in line, with more arriving and only one window going. The postal employee and the customer decided to have a lengthy conversation about how universities do their mailroom. When they might receive mail, when they might process it, what time on what day, etc, etc., etc., etc. It just went on and on and on. So I just walked out, and I was not the only one who did. I do have to agree that the postal employees are polite, but they are so sluggish, and need to have common sense that when the line is backing up, we need to move things along. I found a solution. I now go to the Oak Ridge Post Office. Since I work out there I thought “heck I will give that one a try.” What a difference. These folks are not only courteous, but fast and lively. I have been there four times now and the same thing. So maybe it’s something in the water making the employees at Farragut drowsy and slow, as the employees at Oak Ridge are sure humming!

• Via e-mail: I want to write in and commend the organizers of the Dixie Lee Farmers Market. I have been a regular there all summer and have become happily dependent on the produce and products supplied by local farmers and vendors. If you haven’t been, I encourage you to go before the season is over. It is a great asset to Farragut to have this market available to us! My husband, son and I enjoy riding our bikes over there Saturday mornings because it is so close (compared to Market Square) for some exercise and to avoid cranking the car at all that day. It adds a lot to the community feel of Farragut and I hope to see it continue next season.

• About the gas prices during the gouging period, now these stations and these oil companies locally are under investigation — and rightfully so. Have you noticed that our prices are a little below average in the broader East Tennessee area now? They’re playing a game where they are going to claim that the average price they charged in the month of September was X-dollars per gallon, and therefore, there was no price gouging. I hope that the authorities don’t fall for that. ... Is it too late to stop this bogus sale of the property on McFee Road purchased by the city of Farragut? There’s definitely something deceitful going on. What can we do about this?

• When there’s a freeze in Florida during grapefruit and orange season, we pay more for the grapefruit and we have a harder time getting them. The same is true [where] we’re now paying more for every product that has corn in it, including cattle and milk, because corn is being used in ethanol. Shortages make things cost more. I’m sick of hearing about price gouging on gasoline when this works over though the storm and [when] there’s gas in the pipelines, the cost comes down. It’s just simple supply-and-demand.

• A recent [presstalk] condemned [U.S. presidential Democratic nominee Barack] Obama for graduating from a prestigious law school while asserting that [Republican nominee John] McCain had common sense. McCain’s bio said that he finished fifth from the bottom of his class at the [U.S.] Naval Academy, not like [former presidents Dwight D.] Eisenhower and [Jimmy] Carter, who also attended military schools. Instead of studying, he went out to bars every night and got drunk. It further revealed that when his plane sank in deep water, he didn’t know how to eject himself because he refused to study the manual for the plane. I believe [inaudible] have demonstrated that academic achievement and common sense are not mutually exclusive; are more appropriate for our youngsters to emulate. It was [Abraham] Lincoln, like Obama, a lawyer who went from the Illinois Legislature directly to the presidency, and used his brilliance and common sense to solve one of our most complex problems in our nation’s history. Other presidents who attended prestigious law schools were [William Jefferson] Clinton, [Gerald] Ford, [Richard M.] Nixon, [William H.] Taft, [Rutherford B.] Hayes and [Franklin D.] Roosevelt, who finished the course work. Others who passed the bar were Andrew Jackson and [Calvin] Coolidge. Many attended law school but did not complete course work for various reasons other than academics like Lyndon Johnson, [Harry S] Truman, [William] McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. Studying law, like studying math, science and [inaudible], instills within Obama the ability to think analytically, strategically, tactically and critically while solving the many problems that continually will confront him as president.

• As I’m sure most of America has with the presidential election coming up, I’ve had a lot of thoughts and confusion and frustration about who’s running, who to vote for and so forth, because there just doesn’t seem to be a clear-cut choice. So I’ve made a decision: I’m going to vote for the candidate who supports line-item veto so that ridiculous personal agenda bills can’t be tacked on to the important ones. I’m going to support the candidate who supports term limits for Congress and the legislature, so that we don’t have career politicians who are there for 20, 30, 40 years only to serve their own personal agendas and not the American people. I’m going to vote for the candidate who supports and fights for a balanced budget and not this ridiculous spending like this financial institution bailout. I’m going to vote for the candidate who puts America and the American people first and not countries like Mexico and France who hate us and want to stab us in the back every chance they get. Anybody know who that candidate might be? I haven’t been able to find ’em yet. ... The families who live in Sugarwood are so lucky they have an alderperson and the vice mayor [Michael Haynes] living in their subdivision, according to the farragutpress article [recently]. The vice mayor said the board of Farragut is going to listen to the families and residents of Sugarwood in regards to a church wanting to put a little sign up. ... I guess unless you have one of the four elected officials living in your subdivision, residents’ voices and votes don’t count.

• My comment is based on the statement made in last week’s paper about First Utility District’s water quality. I would like to know if First Utility meets or exceeds all of the government standards on the water quality report. People need to know what they’re talking about before they start popping off at the mouth and start slandering the utility company.

• On Thursday, Oct. 10, en route to Farragut Middle School to pick up my kids, I let a young Farragut High School driver ... exit in front of me. While we were sitting in line waiting to move, he reaches across the passenger side of his car and tosses a paper cup out his car window and into the grass. In absolute shock, I jump out of my car — we weren’t moving anyway — and approached him. I asked him why he thought it was OK to litter and told him to get out of his car and pick up the cup. He refused. I then ran and picked up his trash and took it to him and told him to dispose of it properly. I told him that littering is against the law, and that I would be writing his tag numbers down to contact his parents. He then called me a profanity. His car had a bumper sticker that said something like, “I love my S-U-V, it’s my contribution to global warming.” What blatant disrespect for our earth. Shame on you, young man.


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