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VG residents take issue with ‘Downtown Farragut’

Village Green residents expressed displeasure with the Downtown Farragut plans at the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission meeting Thursday, Oct. 16.

Downtown Farragut’s main entrance would intersect Kingston Pike across the street from Jamestowne Boulevard, which would have to be narrowed and would have five lanes, three outgoing and two incoming.

“Village Green was here long before the town of Farragut … think what this is doing to Village Green,” Former Farragut Mayor and attorney Robert “Bob” Leonard, also a Village Green resident, said.

Village Green residents were most concerned about the Town cutting into the 40-foot median on Jamestowne Boulevard to make room for all lanes of traffic.

Gary Palmer, associate Town administrator, and James Everett, assistant Town engineer, met with the Village Green homeowners association Sunday night.

At the Sunday meeting, homeowners requested the three outgoing lanes be decreased to two, saving some trees in the median. In other words, the left-turn and straight lanes would be combined into one lane. Some of the median would still have to be narrowed, but only on the east side.

Staff agreed to examine the compromise, but at the FMPC meeting, several homeowners remained unhappy.

“It’s nice to embrace the new, but let’s not turn our back on the old either,” Kelly Clancey, Village Green homeowners’ association president, said.

Clancey wanted to keep the entire median. This could be accomplished, he said, by widening Jamestowne Boulevard.

Town engineer Darryl Smith said this would make the crosswalk too long and could interfere with the left turns from Jamestowne and Road A, causing them to come too close to each other.

Other Village Green residents were concerned with sidewalks that would run along both sides of Jamestowne Boulevard.

“Adamantly, we are against the 8-foot sidewalks in our yards,” Julie Clower, owner of one of four homes off Jamestowne Boulevard, said.

“It’s never been your yard,” Bob Hill, FMPC chairman, said. The sidewalks would be placed within Town right-of-way, which extends about 10 feet from the curb.

“This proposition and development affects no one more than it does us,” Clower said.

However, Brigham Thomas, another Village Green resident, approved of the plan as originally stated.

“Since there is so much emphasis on Jamestowne Boulevard, and since it is straight-line access, it seems like Jamestowne will be a preferred entry into downtown,” she said.

“I’m concerned there’s only been conjecture here tonight about increased traffic count … I would be concerned [about] coming out of Jamestowne Boulevard without a [designated] left turn.

“I would rather a traffic count be considered for the necessity of a left-hand turn lane as opposed to just the aesthetics,” she added.

Hill said the Campbell Station Road extension would provide better access. Downtown Farragut will have another entrance through Municipal Center Drive, which connects to Campbell Station.

Several FMPC members remarked they could not visualize the various compromises discussed without a drawing illustrating each. They asked that Smith return with drawings at the next FMPC meeting.

The Downtown Farragut item was on the agenda as a workshop item only, so no action was taken.


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