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• Via e-mail: I agree with last week’s writer about the barking dogs in Farragut. I live in Concord Landing subdivision and one of our neighbors has recently bought or otherwise gotten a full-grown dog. The thing is left outside on the patio, where it barks (howls) off and on whenever they are away from home, which is quite often, every day, in fact. In the fall, when many of us have our doors and windows open, it’s a terrible sound to have to listen to for hours on end. And many of our neighbors are retired, and home all day.

• Via e-mail: To the persons who destroyed my mailbox last Sunday night. I now have to go out and buy a new mailbox and pay to have someone put it up. Purposefully destroying someone’s property is a cheap and childish act and indicates that you are bored and unhappy with your life. You would be so much happier if you offered to help people instead of destroying their property. You could be a shining light of love. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matt 5:16)

• Via e-mail: I am responding to the e-mail Oct 16 issue about the barking dogs. If I didn’t know better I would have thought I had written that letter. If that reader doesn’t live in my subdivision, he must be close by. Never have I seen so many inconsiderate people in one place in all my life. I have a dog but she only goes out when I take her. She is not left outside all day long, or night, to disturb everyone in the neighborhood. You can’t leave your windows open in nice weather day or night, for the yapping and howling. The problem with enforcing the nuisance law is that you have to identify the culprit, and there are so many in this neighborhood, you would have to call animal control day and night to find them. As I sit here typing this I am listening to two hounds howling, two or three small dogs yapping and assorted large dogs barking.

• Via e-mail: I just want to let that dog hater know, all us dog owners in Farragut are sorry our howling, slobbering mutts are keeping him from his peace and quiet. Maybe he could give some classes on “dog etiquette” or “how to use a round-about.” He may be surprised to discover that many of us are well edducated [sic] people who love their dogs. While there are some ignorant people who let their dogs bark incessantly, my neighbors are very kind and put them up when out of control. I’m curious about why this person continues to live in such an irritating part of this big country. Why not go back to wherever you came from? Aparently [sic] people are much more intelligent there. Have a nice day!

• Via e-mail: I must say that I whole-heartedly agree with the suggestions of proper dog owner etiquette from “Dog-Tired in Farragut.” I find myself in the very same situation and it appears that most of my dog-owning neighbors are oblivious to the disruption their pets cause. I am a dog owner and always consider my neighbors’ peace and quiet on the rare occasion my pooch gets out of line. I am also very mindful of cleaning up after my dog relieves herself and only allow her to “investigate” the common areas. I never let her sniff around or enter someone else’s property because that is showing a complete lack of respect for the property owner. Whenever a neighbor is walking their dog and they venture into my yard, I am very quick to let them know that I don’t appreciate it, even if they clean up any messes made. Very well done Dog-Tired!

• Via e-mail: Buyer beware. Nowadays when you buy a home, one of the papers you sign at closing is the one about the land survey. I think a lot of people check the “no” box. However, as I have heard it said, and rightly so, never take the word of a real estate agent or an existing property owner about where the boundaries lie. I know a land survey does cost money; but it costs less than any court costs you may incur if there is a problem. If any problems arise weeks, months, or years after you close, the Real Estate Company or Mortgage Company will not be there to help you. Learn from my experience and get yourself a licensed surveyor to check things out.

• In just a few short weeks the presidential election will be over. And I think with most of us I think it’s going to be with a mix of relief and regret because no matter who gets in office it doesn’t seem that either one of them really know what it’s all about to serve the American people. … I think, come election day, I’m going to vote for anybody other than the two main candidates because I think they’re both out of touch with reality. We need a real American for America, not these pompous millionaires. ...

• I’d like to know when the town of Farragut is going to begin installing the red-light cameras? As far as I’m concerned, the sooner the better. Every morning on my way to work I have to go through three school zones: Concord Christian School, Farragut High School and the Farragut Primary School. Every single morning, people are running stop signs, people are running red lights, people are parking on the side of the road blocking entrances to people’s homes, and they are exceeding the speed limit at ridiculous rates of speed. And these people usually have their children in the car. It’s bad enough that you people don’t care enough about your own children’s safety and your lives, but what gives you the right to jeopardize the lives and safety of other people and their children? Not to mention the fact that you are flagrantly disobeying the law. I don’t have children, but when I go through a school zone I obey the speed limit, I watch the stop signs, I watch the red lights. Yellow is a caution, it does not mean hurry up and go.

• I don’t know what can be done about this, but this is the third time this has happened: we are residents of Sugarwood, and my husband and I just got in the left-hand lane to turn into Sugarwood and a car was coming the other way, which did not belong in that lane — came right at us, almost a head-on — and he swerved back into his lane only to make an illegal turn into Weigel’s. This is the third time. It is so scary.

• In the past election we noticed a town of Farragut pick-up truck was actively pulling up campaign signs from the various candidates. It’s very unfortunate. We’ve observed, currently now there are very, very few McCain signs being displayed in Farragut. Common sense would dictate the man needs some exposure, and we wish Farragut would join with the rest of the nation and support the election process.


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