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• Oct. 23: A Gwinhurst Road man advised Knox County Sheriff’s officer P.J. Lambert an unknown suspect threw a pumpkin at his mailbox and damaged it.

• Oct. 23: A Windham Hill Road man told KCSO officer Josie Sieben an unknown suspect threw a pumpkin at his mailbox. Complainant stated the mailbox was knocked off its stand and broken.

• Oct. 23: A Ridge Chapel woman told KCSO officer Angela Coffee her Toyota Camry was taken by an unknown suspect between Oct. 19 and Oct. 20. She advised her vehicle broke down on I-40 near the Watt Road exit Oct. 19. Complainant advised she called local wrecker services to see if the vehicle was towed.

• Oct. 24: An Oskie’s employee advised KCSO officer P.J. Lambert a known suspect disarmed the business’s security system, went into the office and took $480 from the safe. Complainant alleged the suspect was a manager.

• Oct. 24: An Old Tavern Circle man advised KCSO officer Julie Duncan an unknown suspect “smashed in” his mailbox while he was out of town. The mailbox was still attached to the pole.

• Oct. 25: A Torrington Court man told KCSO officer Jill Breeden an unknown suspect vandalized and burglarized his vehicle. The suspect broke the passenger side window and tried to open the passenger side door, scratching the vehicle. Suspect stole a cell phone, MP3 player, vehicle radio and sunglasses.

• Oct. 25: A Brochardt Boulevard man advised KCSO officer Amanda Dellinger his daughter’s vehicle was parked at Matlock Tire Co. overnight. While the vehicle was there, an unknown suspect broke the passenger side window and stole an iPod adapter and more than 300 CDs. A Matlock employee called the complainant to advise the vehicle had been burglarized.

• Oct. 25: Officers were dispatched to Petro Stopping Center off Watt Road on a vandalism call. Officer David McCroskey spoke with complainant, who said he had eaten in the restaurant and returned to find an unknown suspect had separated his truck and his trailer. The suspect cut his steering wheel, broke the airlock system and pushed in the wing window of the passenger side of the vehicle.

• Oct. 25: An employee of Petro Stopping Center told KCSO officer Laura McElhaney an unknown Hispanic male and female, with a child, did not pay for their food. Suspects left in a white semi truck with the words “IFS 1004” written on the side of the cab.

• Oct. 27: A Lake Haven Road woman advised KCSO officer Jill Breeden an unknown suspect “egged” her vehicle and poured syrup on it. She stated the suspect left the egg carton and syrup bottle in her driveway.

• Oct. 27: Officer Ben Hibbert responded to a construction site off Parkside Drive on a burglary call. Two complainants stated an unknown suspect broke into their toolboxes and stole more than $5,000 in tools, including drills, saws, a generator and ladder.

• Oct. 27: A Hughlan Drive woman advised KCSO officer Cathy Norris she went with her daughter on a band trip and left her vehicle parked at Farragut High School, where it was burglarized. Victim advised the vehicle was locked but a window might have been cracked. Victim advised she believed the unknown suspect used something to “slip the lock”. Suspect took a digital camera and a GPS system from the glove box.

• Oct. 28: Officer Matt Price responded to Rick Terry Jewelry on an alarm. Upon arrival, Price discovered the rear window was broken and entry had been made into the business. Complainant and owner of the business was not sure what had been stolen at the time of the report. A K9 was used for an area search around the exterior of the business. A sledgehammer was found in a wooded area nearby.

• Oct. 30: KCSO officer Clark Caswill responded to the BP gas station off Campbell Station Road when complainant called to report an unknown suspect tried to steal a chocolate pie. Suspect was last seen driving southbound on Campbell Station.

• Oct. 30: A Concord Road man advised KCSO officer P.J. Lambert an unknown suspect stole a vehicle cover from his vehicle while it was parked at his home.

• Oct. 31: Officer Andy Collins responded to a residence off Lake Mill Lane on report of an attempted burglary. Victim told Collins he was in bed sleeping when his dog began barking. Victim stated he went down the steps and heard the sliding door at the rear of the residence being pulled open. Victim said he saw an unknown person fleeing through his back yard. He could not give a description of the suspect. Forensics processed the scene.

• Oct. 31: A Kiser Lane man advised KCSO officer Cathy Norris an unknown suspect stole his mortar mixer from a construction site off Highwick Circle.

• Oct. 31: Officer William Purnell responded to a location off Sundown Road on report of a ruptured gas line. Purnell discovered a TDS employee had severed a half-inch diameter service line while installing a cable line. KUB employees arrived and capped the gas line. Estimated damage is $500.

• Nov. 1: A Harrison Road woman advised KCSO officer Jill Breeden an unknown suspect had been dumping trash at the side of her house since Oct. 25. She stated her husband had picked up the trash and notice a man’s name on mail in the trash. Complainant said she would like someone to call the man and tell him “she knows he threw his trash in her yard.”

• Nov. 1: A complainant from Pizza Hut off Kingston Pike advised KCSO officer Kenny Dunnavant he was counting money before making a cash drop when he noticed a five dollar bill that did not look right. Complainant stated the bill was a counterfeit but he did not know from where the bill was received.

• Nov. 2: A Comblain Road woman advised KCSO officer Julie Duncan an unknown suspect took the tire off her vehicle while she was shopping in Ingles Market off Kingston Pike.

• Nov. 2: KCSO officer Ricky Irwin Jr. responded to a residence off Evans Road for an activated house alarm. Irwin observed an unsecured door and broken glass in the door. Irwin cleared the residence and forensics processed the scene. Victim arrived and walked through the house, but observed nothing missing.

• Nov. 4: Officer Eric Davis responded to a burglary call at a construction site off Parkside Drive. Complainant advised the lock bar on his trailer had been cut overnight and several items were stolen, including a pipe threader, oiler and tripod stand.

• Nov. 4: Officer Tim Belcher responded to a construction site off Chaho Road on a burglary call. Complainant said he arrived at work to find an unknown suspect had gained access to both storage buildings on the job site. Complainant said no property was taken but the doors to each building were damaged. Forensics processed the scene.

• Nov. 4: An employee of D & S Builders advised KCSO officer Walter Schmidt an unknown suspect gained access to the Holiday Inn Express, currently under construction, during the night of Nov. 3. Suspect cut the padlock on the front door and then stole two whirlpools inside the building.

• Nov. 4: A Pony Express Drive man advised KCSO officer Matthew Schlosshan his vehicle was broken into during the night of Oct. 3. He said his unlocked vehicle was parked inside his garage, with the door left open. An unknown suspect stole $214, a wallet, camera and various credit cards.

• Nov. 5: Officer Laura Hayes responded to the scene of a vehicle crash off Somersworth Drive. Complainant stated he was driving eastbound on Somersworth; suspect vehicle was parked facing westbound in the eastbound lane with a piece of metal pipe extending beyond the width of the vehicle. Complainant said when he went around the suspect vehicle, he did not notice the metal pipe. Complainant’s vehicle collided with the pipe, scratching the vehicle and breaking the headlight. Suspect stated the pipe was extending beyond the width of the vehicle and did not have any type of caution flag attached to it.


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