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• Via e-mail: I think that the light at the intersection of Smith Road and Kingston Pike may have been malfunctioning on Monday morning. As I approached the intersection around 8 a.m., with a green light, a car began to proceed into the intersection from the left turn lane of Kingston Pike; forcing me to slam on my brakes. I believe that the woman driving the car tried to indicate to me that she had a green arrow. At this point I looked up to confirm that I did indeed have a green light and noticed that there was also a green arrow going into CVS.

While this woman technically had a green arrow, she failed to yield to oncoming traffic and could have caused a serious accident in which I would have hit a car containing children. She may have technically considered herself “correct” in her actions, but based on the speed at which she could observe I was traveling; without anti-lock breaks; it could have had devastating consequences. Unfortunately people regularly run red lights in the area. As a result, it is very important to make sure that you have safe right-of-way before proceeding into an intersection. In addition, even if you have the green light, it does not prove anything if you harm someone in the process.

• Via e-mail: I too am annoyed by the neighbors’ barking dogs, but what no one has addressed here is the fact that it is not always the “dogs’” fault! We have a bunch of nasty little children in our area that get no end of enjoyment out of teasing the neighbors’ dogs with their “barking and howling and yelping” in order to get the dogs to do the same! This goes on and on. These kids have nothing better to do and they obviously have been taught no manners or respect whatsoever. We took this matter up with their mother, who is totally and completely oblivious to the situation because she pays no attention to her children at all and could care less what they do. So we took it up with the father … he says his kids can do whatever they want and has no intention of talking to them or stopping them. Then we have the other bunch of school kids at the bus stop early in the morning that do the same thing. We don’t know if this bunch is related to the other or not but they too enjoy coaxing the dogs into barking and howling very early! We have tried calling the local schools. They were even given the exact location of the bus stop and the bus number and they claimed they could do nothing about it! So, what are the residents around our area of Farragut supposed to do when it’s not the dogs’ fault but the nasty ill-mannered disrespectful kids in the neighborhood? And when the parents condone the behavior and think it’s funny, we are basically helpless. It’s time parents stood up and took action with their children and teach them how to behave and be respectful of others! So don’t always blame the dogs!

• I live in Thornton Heights here in Farragut, and it’s rather exasperating to have to drive to the Farragut Post Office to mail a letter. I don’t put my bills in my mailbox because of the teenagers pilfering the mailboxes in the Farragut area. I would rather the post office put six or eight well-located postal receptacles in your area so you could drive close to your area to deposit your mail. That would cut down on the amount of fuel that you would use for all the patrons of the post office who drive over there and deliver their mail. And it would cut down on the pollution by having one mail truck go out to six or eight community mailboxes and retrieve their mail. Someone should look into that.

• Congratulations to President-elect [Barack] Obama, our prayers and thoughts are with him, and to Vice President-elect [Joseph] Biden; that they will make good and thoughtful decisions for the best interests of our country. I can’t believe how many people in Tennessee are so out of step with the rest of the country. It’s a real shame that people here voted for their fears instead of their hopes. But thank goodness there was a clear victory for Obama and we didn’t have a replay of 2000. I also would like to encourage representatives of all candidates to please remove their campaign signs as soon as possible. They’re a blight on our planet.

• With the election behind us and [Tennessee Volunteers football head coach] Phil Fulmer’s fate decided, I think we have to start talking about some stuff that involves the town of Farragut. One thing I’d like to understand is, with all the development in Turkey Creek, particularly the commercial development, who does the tax base of that actually go to? I see signs of the town of Farragut and signs that say, “Welcome to Knoxville.” And I realized we owned all that at one time. Are we getting any tax revenue, as a town of Farragut, from the other development in Turkey Creek?

Editor’s Note: The town of Farragut boundary is just west of the current Belk store alongside Parkside Drive. A portion of Sales Tax from businesses located in Farragut goes to Farragut. The City of Knoxville is east of that point. A portion of Sales Tax from that area goes to Knoxville.

• This is in response about the man walking Concord Road. He’s my neighbor here in Eagle Glen. He does it for exercise, does not want to ride — I’ve offered him many times. There’s no need to worry about him, he’s fine. He’s just doing it for exercise, going up and down Concord Road. I’ve seen him go up and down Northshore, too.

• On Oct. 30, a front-page article by Heather Mays was about a meeting with First Utility District at apparently one of our scheduled meetings. A Mrs. Schenk brought up some very, very valid comments about First Utility District. I have a lawn that only needs watered once a month ’cause it’s the kind of grass that’s drought-resistant. Yet, if I water it once in my normal usage — and by the way I live by myself — I end up with the $100 bill. That’s water, sewer; I’m talking about why the water that’s used for the lawn is charged the same, and they said, “Well, that’s just too bad.” They really, really give you no satisfaction. And yet they seem to have this right to impose whatever charges they want. First Utility District is a disaster. Unfortunately it’s a monopoly and we should be rid of them.

• I’m calling in response to an article in the farragutpress about the islands on Grigsby Chapel and landscaping them, which I think is a great idea. But I do have a concern about the islands that are on the Campbell Station Road extension near Kroger. They’re very plain and empty and I want to know if the Town plans on landscaping those for a1esthetic purposes.

Editor’s Note: Staff at Town Hall report that the Town is considering improving the islands on South Campbell Station Road.

• I’m calling to express my chagrin at the cutting of all the trees, pine trees and dogwoods and a few others I can’t identify, on Boyd Station Road near the intersection with Harvey Road just west of the railroad underpass. Probably the developer had planted those about 8-to-10 years ago and they’d finally gotten some height on ’em. Really looked pretty, it was a good screen for the houses on that other side of the road. And right now it’s just all down to bare mud and stubs of trees. I just wondered if there was a good reason why that was done? It wasn’t blocking any view, not obstructing traffic in any way. It really looks bad.

• I transported a disabled person to the polls in Farragut, and, of course, I don’t tell people how to vote when I give ’em rides to the polls. But the person voluntarily told me they voted against that thing that said that you were going to take your rights away. And that was that [Knox County Charter] amendment, I believe it was No. 4. And that person didn’t comprehend the essence of the amendment. He said he wasn’t going to let anybody take his rights away to vote. But it wasn’t because of the amendment. … But the next time around I’m going to try my best to make sure that law director has a limited one-term with my vote and my family’s votes and all my friends’ votes. That’s very unfortunate to trick the voters like that, who were misled by the statement about taking their vote away. They could have just said, “You want to vote for or against the following?” That was awful.


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