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Best Buy opens its doors
Electronics giant opens its second Knoxville store in Farragut Town limits

The opening of a second Best Buy in Knoxville was cause for celebration among the Turkey Creek store’s more than 100 employees.

The Turkey Creek location joined its sister store, located off Cedar Bluff Road, Friday, Nov. 14.

The relationship between the stores was the topic of conversation during the day.

District manager Wade Simon pointed out one leadership team was running both stores.

“This is one of the greatest stores in the southeast. And between the two of them, these stores will be one of the best markets in the southeast,” Simon said.

The stores’ managers wanted to avoid “cannibalization,” when a new store steals customers from an older one.

“It’s one store, one team,” Adam Freshour, manager, said.

“It’s been a long time coming. We’ll have both stores working together to better serve our customers,” he added.

“We’re going to compete against the market, and hopefully the customer wins and the team wins,” Simon said.

To accomplish that, the stores are offering products unique to each.

The Cedar Bluff Best Buy has undergone extensive renovations, adding a musical instrument section, offering guitars, keyboards and electric drums. The store also offers Best Buy’s Magnolia home theater line, high-end theater systems.

Turkey Creek’s Best Buy “is designed more for the female shopper,” manager Tony Shirley said.

The store will offer a pick-up window, a convenience to shoppers in a hurry or “people driving up without getting their kids unbuckled,” he added.

Shirley touted Best Buy’s geek squad and Best Buy mobile, a collection of many brands of cell phones.

Shirley also pointed out the Turkey Creek store’s green amenities.

The retailer’s roof repels heat while skylights let in natural light. Sensors automatically dim or brighten the building’s lights to correspond with the amount of sunlight entering the building.

Best Buy also has timed faucets and lights in the restrooms, as well as a cardboard baler, allowing the store to recycle cardboard boxes and packaging.

“Since we’ve been here the last week of October, we’ve probably recycled 12 bales of cardboard,” Shirley said.

Best Buy employees also focused on the store’s impact on the Farragut community.

“We are not just a big box retailer. We are individualized and we want to get to know everybody,” Turkey Creek store manager Brian Wark said.

“We’re not just a store with 100 employees and lots of customers every day. It’s about how we become a meaningful part of the community,” he added.

Simon agreed: “It’s nice to be needed; it’s nice to be wanted, but we also have to give back.”

As its first act of giving back, the Best Buy managers presented a $10,000 check to representatives of YMCA of East Tennessee.

“We are making history today,” Susie Chaplin, Best Buy’s district head of human resources, said.


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