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More FUD woes ...

This year my water bill averaged around $25 to $35 until August 2008 when I received a bill for $144.97.

I called First Utility District and advised them of a leak on their side of their meter. Two days later, I called them back and told them that my yard was washing away. A couple of days later they came and tore up my yard and fixed the leak on their side of the meter and a couple of days later after I called again they sent some one out to cover up the mess they made with straw. Ö

I called the people at FUD and explained that this bill couldnít be right since the leak was on their side of the meter. I listened to a lady tell me that we had a price increase and how everyone was calling in and complaining until I could get a word in to ask her if the price increase would have raised my bill from $30 to $144.97 and she replied: ďOh No!Ē Ö

I explained that my wife was out of town and I was staying with my father. [They] said they would check my line and get back with me. Days later, [they] told me they could not find a leak at my house and could not determine what made the bill so high and there was nothing [they] could do about my bill [and that] I could talk to their General Manager Rodney Blake.

I called Blake and was told he read my file and they would adjust my bill back to the rate it was in July, which was $23.67. Blake told me that my usage history was much lower than this bill for $144.97 and there was just no way I would have to pay this bill, which was $121.30 higher than my average bill. I told him I had already paid the bill and he said that First Utility District would credit my account.

The next month I started watering my yard on the prescribed interval of every other day and I ran my bill up to $65.68. When I received the bill of $65.68 for the period of July 17 to Aug. 15, I called Blake and asked him about my refund, or credit, and he told me he didnít have my file in front of him but he would call me back. Ö Blake also said he didnít remember our conversation, but he would call me back when he found the file. Apparently the file is still missing because I am still waiting for his call back or a credit to my account.

I donít mind one bit paying for any utilities I use, but when I have to pay for something I donít get, I donít like it one bit. This is just another example like Heather Mays in her front page article and the gentleman who wrote about FUD in this monthís paper.

It is apparent that the FUD could care less about the people in Farragut.

These people are supposed to be providing a service to the public and be truthful, however it seems that neither is a priority. Since Sept. 15, nearly two months, I have been waiting on my $121.30 credit from First Utility District as I was promised by their general manager.

I want other people in Farragut and the mayor and aldermen to know how we are being treated by FUD.

Larry S. Key



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