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• Via e-mail: I’m responding to the person who stated in last week’s presstalk that he/she was a Tennessean who voted for John McCain out of fear. Everyone has to stand before God and be judged for their own actions. It is all about choices and women should have the right to make their own, not you or the Supreme Court. Oh, and by the way, if God did not make “Steve” then who did?

• Via e-mail: Yes, of course there are too many lights. We recently moved here from Michigan and what the street department did there is limit the lights to 30-45 seconds. This kept the traffic flowing and when the gas prices were high it lessened idle time at each light. The light to turn left onto Parkside Drive is too long as well as the light to turn left from Parkside Drive to Lovell Road is the longest.

• Via e-mail: I have been refraining from typing for years but I just can’t hold back any longer. I want the writer in Nov 20 presstalk to tell us who made Adam and Steve (or Samantha and Eve)?

• Via e-mail: I don’t think the red light at the new Kroger was all that necessary. But the light at the High School and Concord and Campbell Station roads are absolutely necessary. However, for some reason in the last month or so, the light pattern has changed. Most mornings I sit thru three light changes at the Concord Road intersection just taking my sons to school. Only four cars are usually able to get across the intersection. I am all for this being adjusted to allow more cars to go through.

• Via e-mail: Thanks for your informative article, “SIDS feared by some parents” (Nov. 20, 2008). I’m sure that readers will benefit from the information presented. However, I’m concerned about the relevance of one brief turn of phrase, the words “if possible” in your penultimate bullet point on breastfeeding. No other public health recommendation is ever presented this way, for example, “Have your child vaccinated,” “Use a certified car seat” and “Don’t smoke,” and I can’t help but wonder why breastfeeding should be an exception. Mothers are still free to choose what is right for them, of course; but there’s certainly no need to qualify the obvious choice by inserting the words “if possible.”

• I’m in favor of making changes to the lights on Kingston Pike. I would say to have a light turn green during the busy hours of the day and at night having a blinking yellow light. And that’s not only in front of the high school, but other places down Kingston Pike.

• This is in regard to Through the Lens that was published in farragutpress on Thursday, Nov. 20, concerning the lights that are now on Kingston Pike from Concord [Road] to Campbell Station Road. We feel that it is a good idea, mainly because you have to consider the other people on the road that may be coming out onto Kingston Pike. And this can be school buses or people getting to work, too. And I think that if people would just leave in time, not be in such a rush; it has calmed people down. It used to be an Indianapolis 500 speedway through there. And I have noticed people being more considerate of the students in the morning that are waiting for the lights to change. And they’re up, and I think we just need to go with the flow and deal with it and everybody slow down and be kind to your neighbor.

• Traffic lights on Kingston Pike between Concord [Road] and Campbell Station, there are currently about to be four, and they are all appropriate. Traffic calming may be one of the positive features. Certainly the safety of the high school buses and traffic and walkers who cross the street. Let’s keep ’em.

• I have read the opinion page about the lights [Nov. 20 Through the Lens] between Concord Road and Campbell Station Road, and I totally agree that we have way too many lights. I just think it’s getting to the point of being ridiculous. That’s just my opinion.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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