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Village Green residents not budging

Village Green residents again voiced opposition to changes at the intersection of Jamestowne Boulevard and Kingston Pike, which also will be the main entrance to the Downtown Farragut development, at Farragut Municipal Planning Commis-sion’s November meeting.

The proposed signaled intersection was the subject of debate at the October FMPC meeting as well. Village Green homeowners didn’t like the idea of narrowing the entrance to Jamestowne Boulevard.

“We’re still recommending the Boulevard be narrowed at the southern section of it,” Community Development Director Ruth Hawk said, Nov. 20.

However the site plans also include “eliminating the south-bound left turn lane on Jamestowne Boulevard and combining that with the south-bound straight-through on Jamestowne” as a compromise, Hawk said.

The median on Jamestowne Boulevard was the topic of much of the debate.

The median would be narrowed by about 13 feet at the head of Jamestowne, widening to its current 40-foot width. The holly trees at the top of the intersection would be cut down, but all other trees would be saved, Hawk said.

“We appreciate the Town staff compromising to the extent they have … but the whole median can stay intact and not be touched by realigning the south side of Jamestowne … 10 feet to the east,” Bart Castleman, Village Green resident, said.

“The only concern would then be the length of the pedestrian crosswalk, and they would have the median to stop in,” he added.

Hawk said that would not be the only problem with a wide Jamestowne Boulevard.

“When you have such a wide area there in the median, your left turns have such a long way to go that there’s confusion. [The center of the intersection] becomes a no man’s land,” Hawk said, comparing the situation to the intersection of Buckingham Road and Kingston Pike.

“You feel like you’re going to have a head-on conflict. By narrowing this down slightly, that helps eliminate that,” she added.

Village Green homeowners’ association president Kelly Clancey said there was a “huge difference” between the West Town Mall intersection and Jamestowne and Kingston Pike.

“People safely navigate that on a regular basis,” he said.

Commissioner Carol Evans asked about the symmetry of the island if it were narrowed at the top.

Hawk said moving the Village Green entrance sign and re-centering it on the island “would solve that concern.”

“I like the design and I think it solves a lot of the problems and, quite frankly, I think it will make a very nice entrance,” Commissioner Ron Honken said.

“What is before you, we feel is the best,” Hawk said.

Commission also discussed other aspects of the site plan.

The Kohl’s department store driveway to Kingston Pike would be eliminated; the store would have access to Kingston Pike through the intersection at Jamestowne Boulevard.

Hawk said entrances to Village Green shopping center also would be examined for safety and to coordinate with the new traffic signal at Jamestown and Kingston Pike, specifically to prevent left turns at right-in-only entrances.

The plan was a workshop item only; no vote was taken. Mayor W. Edward “Eddy” Ford III recused himself from all discussion.


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