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Town status reports heard

Farragut’s department heads reported on the status of the Town’s 2009 work program to members of the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

Leisure Services Coordinator Sue Stuhl announced the on-going installation of Wi-Fi in Town parks. The base units are in place, but Town staff plans additional access points throughout the parks to extend capabilities.

“We’re hoping that when we’re finished with all the access points to have the whole park covered, especially the portions that are highly populated,” Town Recorder Allison Myers said.

Mayor W. Edward “Eddy” Ford III suggested posting signs in the parks to mark the coverage of the Wi-Fi in the parks.

“This is a big deal, I think, to have access at the three existing parks, and we’ll work on McFee as we go on,” Stuhl said.

“I’d like to see it [completed] by early next spring,” she added.

Also on-schedule for a spring opening date is McFee Park.

“The field has been sodded and it’s looking really good,” Stuhl said of the athletic fields, which have been an item of contention at past meetings.

According to staff, the fields were insufficiently sprigged with Bermuda grass, sparking an emergency contract in August to sod the fields so they would be ready for play in spring.

“The fields look great and we anticipate playing in the spring,” Town Engineer Darryl Smith said.

Alderman Tom Rosseel asked about the progress of a survey sent out to a portion of Farragut residents regarding a community center.

“The survey has been completed by Ben Darnell, our athletic and park coordinator … and it will go out to select communities. We’ll put together all the data and hopefully have it to you soon,” Stuhl said.

Stuhl also reported on research for the yellow bike program. Through this plan, yellow bicycles would be available for public use at points throughout the Town.

The Parks and Leisure Services staff and Parks and Athletics Council are progressing with research.

“This is a program that can be found across the country and actually around the world; it started in Europe,” Stuhl said.

The Board also discussed establishing safe walking routes to Mayor Bob Leonard Park.

“We had talked before about the feasibility of some kind of crosswalk across Watt Road at the Fleenor Road area. Has that been thought about?” Alderman John Williams asked.

“Topographically, when you look at Watt Road, there’s this one area where there’s actually a fairly large discrepancy in the height.

“We’ve talked to property owners and said that when that property develops, we want a walking trail into that grade change, because that would actually make a great location for a tunnel,” Community Development Director Ruth Hawk said.

“You’re envisioning something like at the golf course at Fox Den, the tunnel underneath the road there?” Vice Mayor J. Michael Haynes asked.

In the meantime, Smith said staff was considering a crosswalk.

“I’m not crazy about a mid-block crosswalk, but people are crossing there anyway, so we would probably need to have a sign at the crosswalk,” Smith said.

The sidewalk on the west side of Watt Road to Mayor Bob Leonard Park is nearing completion.

Public Works Director Bud McKelvey said the public works department completed 50 citizen requests during the first quarter of fiscal year 2009.

Public Works also cut out and repaired a sinkhole on Evans Road, caused by the drainage system in The Farm at Willow Creek subdivision.


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