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• Concerning traffic lights, the new lights at Kingston Pike and Peterson [Road], it’s posted “no right on red.” Traffic is backed up 10 to 15 cars on Peterson because they can’t turn right on red. I don’t understand this rule since busy, busy intersections such as Campbell Station and Kingston Pike, it’s OK to turn right on red. This one having no right on red is just backing traffic up and it’s just stupid, stupid, stupid.

• I’m calling to complain about the “no right turn on red” light at Peterson and Kingston Pike, the new light the city just stuck in. I was trying to turn right there Thanksgiving Day and there was [sic] 15 people lined up and I didn’t even make the first shot at turning right. It’s a little bit stupid, and I was wondering if they could get that changed. At least put a right turn green signal there when there’s nobody else coming. We should be able to turn right on red. It’s absolutely insane. People are going to start cutting through the [First Tennessee] bank. … It’s absolutely absurd. Just get it fixed.

• “God made Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve” is a cliché. Webster’s Dictionary states that a cliché is a trite phrase or expression. Most, if not everyone, believes that God made everything and everyone. In the beginning, had God made just Adam and Steve or Samantha and Eve, procreation would have been impossible and society as we know it would not exist. A few [farragutpress] issues ago [in presstalk], we Tennesseans were admonished for voting for John McCain out of fear. I simply agreed with that caller and say to my personal fears, not anyone else’s. A caller said that women should have the right to make the wrong choice and not me or the Supreme Court. Whether we like it or not, the Supreme Court, local courts, Congress, teachers, parents etc. have been making choices for us on a daily basis all of our lives.


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