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Farragut HS Madrigal Singers celebrate 30 years

Farragut High School’s Madrigal Singers have begun their 30th holiday season.

The group, Farragut High School’s top 24 auditioned choral singers, kicked off its season Tuesday, Dec. 2, with a concert at Concord United Methodist Church and will continue performing throughout the holiday season.

FHS choral director Kenton Dietch, said, “We typically do lots of performances. This year is an off year as far as performances. We are doing 12.”

The group may be seen Thursday, Dec. 4, at Farragut’s “Celebrate te Season” event, held at Town Hall.

“We will be singing and performing at “Celebrate the Season” at 6:45 [p.m.],” Deitch said.

“We will be perfoming at four different nursing homes throughout Knoxville. We are singing at Club Le Conte for some private parties. We are going to [East Tennessee] Children’s Hospital. We will be going to the different floors and singing for the kids and we will be delivering stuffed animals. We are also doing church performances,” he added.

The students dress in Renaissance period costumes, for which they are responsible.

“The costume is up to the kids. Most of them have been in the group before, and those that haven’t know about it. I’ve given them Web sites to look at, and sometimes those that have done it in the past will sell their costumes. It’s their responsibility,” Dietch said.

“They’ll all have hats or crowns, they all have to have some kind of headpiece, but that’s about the only guideline,” he added.

Madrigal performances are typically of a religious nature.

“What makes a madrigal performance madrigal is the type of music that is done. They started off as a way to tell the story of the birth of Christ,” Dietch said.

“To keep our audience in mind though, we also do what we call ‘crowd pleasers,’ which are little bit lighter and more fun to the audience,” he added.

Dietch, who has been at FHS for two years, said he hesitates to use the word “fun” because “to us, singing true madrigal music is great fun just because of the style in which it is written and the way it all sounds. But we like to keep our audience in mind.”

The Madrigal Singers will hold a traditional concert and skit Friday, Dec. 12, at Concord United Methodist Church.

“It is more than just music that evening. We will have our king and Queen in their costumes and the royal court and peasants,” Dietch said.

“There is a dinner that goes with it,” he added.

As of press time ticket prices for the dinner concert had not been set. Dietch said the boosters would be setting the price soon.

For more information about the dinner concert, contact the FHS Choral Department at 865-966-9775.


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