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• Via e-mail: I live in Turkey Creek Woods and have made that right turn (without traffic light) [onto Kingston Pike from Peterson Road] every day for about six years. The visibility is good, and the traffic light at Smith Road slows the traffic. If the sign seemed reasonable for safety, I wouldn’t complain. However, [I] can’t see a reason to have it.

• Via e-mail: When I pulled up to the stop light [at Peterson Road and Kingston Pike] I was amazed there was no turn on red. I [looked] around the intersection to determine the reason — son of a gun — couldn’t find one, so I turned. The sign should be removed; the intersection does not warrant a no turn on red.

• Via e-mail: I read the complaints in this week’s paper about the “no turn on red” sign coming off Peterson onto Kingston Pike at the new red light. What about the fact that the two lanes only have “right turn only” and “left turn only” arrows painted on the street? How are we supposed to go straight across to access the new road for the farragutPress or Ingles? The town needs to fix this right away.

• The Campbell Station exit on 1-40 needs an exit ramp. Almost every day at rush hour there’s a line that backs up on the shoulder because drivers have no place to go to wait in line for the light. In turn, other drivers who decide that they’re too important to wait on the shoulder, fly in off the exit ramp and almost run the rest of us over. We’ve got to get an exit ramp there if we’re all going to live see the end of the holidays.

• Concerning the right turn on red onto Kingston Pike [from Peterson Road], I do not believe it should be allowed at any intersection onto Kingston Pike. People are beginning to abuse it — they do not slow down when they come to the red light. They just run right on through it like they have the right, and the people on Kingston Pike that are keeping straight should slow down and let them in.

• I am totally against the “no-turn on red” coming out of Peterson onto Kingston Pike. That’s ridiculous. If it’s safe to turn, I see no reason why we can’t make a right turn.

• I would like to agree with the article [entitled] “Cyclist fears Grigsby Chapel islands” [page 1 story, farragutpress Dec. 4 issue] that more study and discussion needs to be done before the green islands are put on Grigsby Chapel. I do think it would be a good idea for bicycle lanes to be put somewhere in the town of Farragut, and Grigsby Chapel certainly appears to be a good place to do that.

• I live in Turkey Creek Woods, I’ve lived here for 29 years in Farragut; I’m a native Knoxvil-lian. I go out that intersection at Peterson Road to Kingston Pike daily. When I first saw the “no turn on red” sign there at the new Ingles entrance at the new red light, I thought, “how crazy.” I mean, I’ve come out that intersection for 29 years and always turned right when nothing was coming. Why would they put a sign up there, “no turn on red?” Many others, I can’t recall, in Farragut have a sign like that, and why would they put it on at that one in particular? I’d like to know the reason behind it. Seems kinda dumb to me that you cannot turn right on red when nothing’s coming from Peterson Road to Kingston Pike.

• If your child came home Friday from Farragut High School with a new dent in their car and some white paint on it, it’s because they hit my son’s car in the parking lot. I just want you to know that he’s working, paying for his car, and probably doesn’t have money to fix it. And whoever hit it didn’t bother to be honest and let him know that they did it.

• I’m calling in response to a sign on Peterson Road and Kingston Pike, it is a “no turn on red” sign. I live in that subdivision, and I personally would like to have it removed. It just causes a traffic backup. People have been turning right there for years and years and years and haven’t had any problem.

• Regarding the new traffic light at Peterson Road there … that no right turn, that’s got to go, there’s no reason for it. It’s because there’s a pedestrian crosswalk. Well, I’ve lived here six years, I’ve seen maybe about six pedestrians use that, so that’s not an issue. It needs to go. You ought to be able to turn right.

Editor’s Note: farragutpress has spoken with Town Engineer Darryl Smith. He assures us that the “No Turn On Red” sign will soon come down and a “Yield To Pedestrians” sign will replace it. Smith also indicated directional arrows would be installed in a north lane of Peterson Road designating the proper lane to use when crossing Kingston Pike to access farragutpress offices and to shop at Ingles market complex.


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