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Rotary hosts Korda

Farragut Rotary Club hosted political analyst George Korda at its weekly meeting Wednesday, Dec. 10, at Fox Den Country Club.

Korda, who works as political analyst for WATE-TV, hosts the FM 100, WNOX radio show “State Your Case” as well as making regular appearances on the station’s “Hallerin Hilton Hill” show, spoke to Rotarians about why he thinks President-elect Barack Obama won the recent presidential election.

He said, “There has been a great deal written and discussed and talked about in the media about the reasons for Barack Obama’s win — that he set up this extraordinary campaign, that he was this fundraising engine the likes of which no one had ever seen before, that the economy was his ally. But there are two words, two very simple words, that describe, that explain, that illustrate, that support the reason why Barack Obama won the presidency of the United States, and those are … George Bush.

“It is not more complicated than that,” he added.

Korda said he did not want to minimize Obama’s campaign efforts but without the legacy of the current Bush administration, the election might have turned out differently.

“People vote on their feelings and what you have is a president who presided over a doubling of the national debt to nearly $11 trillion. The annual budget of the United States was $1.8 trillion in 2001 when George Bush presented it to Congress. This past year he presented a $3.1 trillion dollar budget with a $500 billion deficit, which is now in the rearview mirror … There is no telling how big the deficit is going to next year now.”

“And he has presided over the largest increase in government involvement in the private sector in the history if the United States, and his approval ratings are around 25 percent.

“So if you are John McCain you are running with balls and chains and weights and anvils and everything else dragging around behind you,” he added.

Korda also cited a “friendly media” as one of the reasons for Obama’s success.

“What do you think would have happened to John McCain if he had had the ability to raise the amount of money that Barack Obama did and he came out to the media and said ‘You know what? I know I promised to take public financing, but I am not going to do that now because I can raise a lot more money.’ They would have cut him up into little pieces and fed him to the minnows. But with Obama it was ‘Obama says he is changing his mind.’ And you never heard another word about it,” he said.

He outline some of the reasons he believes the Obama administration might experience problems.

“There are studies that have taken place by the Pugh Research Institute that show for every four stories written on Barack Obama, three were positive and one was negative, and for every four stories done on John McCain three were negative and one was positive.

“Even with that, the national vote total was 52.9 percent Obama to 47.3 percent McCain. So you are talking about a five to six point national vote difference,” he said.

Some of the votes on either were side we from partisan supporters who would not change their vote no matter what, the rest were from “middle of the road” voters who weighed in on certain issues, many of whom, Korda said, wanted to make sure the United States did not experience a repeat of the current administration.

“They didn’t vote for him because they thought he was going to come in and follow some wacko left-wing agenda. They voted for him because ‘We are going to make things right, we are going to bring back the economy. We are going to reverse the policies of the last eight years.’

“But what did Obama do? All through his campaign he talked about his economic plan. ‘My plan will do this, my plan will do that.’ Then what did he do as soon as he got elected? He said, ‘Now we are going to put together a plan,’” Korda said.

Korda ended his speech with some ideas on why Tennessee was so overwhelmingly Republican in the election, with 89 of Tennessee’s 95 counties going to McCain.

“The national Democratic Party has been moving to the left, more pronounced than ever before. Tennesseans aren’t moving with them, even Tennessee democrats,” he said.

He also said many conservatives from the mid-west are moving to Tennessee as their own governments get larger, causing higher and higher state income taxes.


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