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Town starts Town Hall renovations

Town Hall's drastic renovations, which began Dec. 19, will continue through the new year.

According to Public Works Director Bud McKelvey, since Town Hall was built in 2001, the second floor has carried so much weight it has caused the floor to sag.

“The upstairs, before it was occupied, was designed for 50 pounds per square foot. … We have overloaded and exceeded that,” McKelvey said.

“The ceiling has actually dropped down from its previous installed area.

“The floor tresses are actually compressed down into the steel-studded wall,” he added.

To halt the damage, Town staff has moved the “map room,” which contains many of the documents, plans and maps of Town development, to the community room on the first floor.

Other large file cabinets were moved to the public works building.

However, McKelvey said the floor still needed to be “beefed up” to deal with personnel traffic and accumulating paper weight.

Because of the structural damage, the second floor, boardroom and break room will be torn apart and renovated, with the addition of an extra steal beam to handle the weight.

“They’ll come in and put steel in the ceiling … it will run from the kitchen [to the boardroom] and that will be re-supported on new footers and a column,” McKelvey said.

“What we’re trying to do is eliminate anything hanging on the floor system down here and then beef the floor system up to the capacity we have and then to exceed [that] for future growth and paper weight,” he added.

Board awarded the construction bid to P & W Construction Company, LLC for $41,600.

McKelvey said construction would be completely finished by Feb. 1, 2009.


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