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• I just wanted to say I moved away from Farragut about a year ago and have really missed reading the farragutpress. I was pleasantly surprised about two weeks ago to receive the paper in my paper box, and I just wanted to call and thank you for increasing your circulation area and to tell you that I hope it’s a permanent thing and not just a temporary trial.

• I’d like to thank the town of Farragut for fixing the “no turn right” sign at the end of Peterson Road at Kingston Pike, and also for putting the straight arrow on the street. That was real quick work on their part and I appreciate that. It’s a lot easier on us who have to go through that light every day.

• Via e-mail: There is a unique beauty of the trees and all along Virtue Road that I would hate to see be lost. There is already a problem with people speeding along the road as noted by many runners and bikers. Widening the road is going to just make that problem worst. One of the nice things about Farragut is the ability to quickly get out in the country. Add a biking lane, but don’t ruin the beauty of Virtue Road.

• Via e-mail: With all of the negative comments about the slow service at the Farragut Post office lately, I just wanted to give kudos to the Post Office for how quickly they moved the line today at 1:45 p.m., Friday, Dec. 12. Unfortunately, I only needed a few stamps so I chose to use the self-serve machine, but to my complete aggravation, was stuck there for 20 minutes as other customers came and went through the other line! Thump on the head to the lady who chose to use the “express line” to post about 15 packages, which she conveniently chose to take out of her bags one by one, each a separate transaction. Hello! Please folks, the self-serve machine is for people who only need stamps or quick postage for one or maybe two small packages. We should all make a special effort to be courteous to others especially now during the holidays rush, and in my case avoid wringing someone’s neck when they aren’t.

• Via e-mail: Virtue Road widening is long-long overdue. Traffic along Virtue Road is increasing steadily with new home construction and now is an access to the new official McFee Road Park. Currently, it is extremely dangerous with narrow lanes, sharp curves, and non-existent shoulders. Bikers use it regularly taking their lives into their hands.

• Via e-mail: Widening Virtue Road with a walking trail available to bikers or adding a designated bike lane similar to roadways in Europe would significantly improve the safety of bikers. Also connecting a walking trail to Turkey Creek Road would extend the marvelous walking trails that exist there today — a vision expressed by the leaders of the Town of Farragut to connect the entire town with walking trails.

• Via e-mail: I live in the Old Stage Hills subdivision and as of late there have been several auto and home break-ins. Our neighborhood used to be nice and quiet and these types of things happened rarely. In the last month alone there has been three burglaries, if not more. Two auto break-ins happened the evening of Dec. 19. Another burglary happened to a residence in mid-November according to the farragutpress. I am writing this letter to make our neighbors and fellow folks of Farragut aware of the situation. Please make sure all your home and car doors are locked, alarms are set and no valuables are left in your cars. We suspect it’s the same person or group of people that keep doing this. It is also possible that the thieves may even live in the neighborhood since it’s happening so frequently. I ask that the neighborhood keep an extra eye out for anything suspicious. Strange cars driving through, people walking the streets in late hours, dogs barking at odd hours and so on. These are all clues that could help us end these ruthless, violating and unforgivable acts. Let’s band together and stop this problem sooner than later!

• Via e-mail: In October I contacted the town of Farragut regarding the need for a street light at Grammar Lane and Old Colony Parkway near the rear entrance to Farragut Primary School. It was extremely dark in the mornings as kids were being dropped off and it was very difficult for passing cars to see anyone. I was very impressed with the town of Farragut’s quick, professional response and thorough communication. The light was installed in less than a month by LCUB and the intersection is now much safer. Thanks for a job well done!


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