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Town enters talks with Dimmicks

Farragut’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen appointed Town Attorney Tom Hale as “pointperson” to discuss any possible transaction with Ralph and Susan Dimmick.

The Dimmicks have offered their property, which lies between McFee Park and the newly-purchased Seal property, to the Town.

“If our vision is to join these two pieces of property, we must find a way of acquiring Mr. Dimmick’s property,” Mayor W. Edward “Eddy” Ford III said.

However, the Town has not budgeted money for land acquisition in this year’s budget. Any funds, if not moved from another line item in this fiscal year, would have to be budgeted for next year.

Fiscal year 2010 begins July 1.

“Mr. Dimmick has been very patient … now we, at this time, do not have money in the land acquisition fund,” Ford said.

“Mr. Dimmick, I think, wants to keep the dialogue open and … we are asking him to stay patient until the May-June time frame … he will get an indication at that time as to whether the Town wants to move forward in the near future to purchase this property,” he added.

“We don’t expect a final commitment tonight,” Dimmick said.

“What I’m asking today is that the Board authorize a representative of the Town to enter into negotiations or discussions with my wife and me.

“I do not consider that to be a final commitment that you would buy our farm,” he added.

The Board appointed Hale while Alderman Tom Rosseel also asked the consideration go before Farragut’s Municipal Planning Commission and the Parks and Athletics Council, as the Seal property did.

“We do not have a timeline in mind … [but] we would like to complete this in calendar year 2009,” Dimmick said.

“That would allow Susan and me to get on with our life,” he added.

“If you were watching the Seal purchase process, that was not a short process,” Rosseel said.

Vice Mayor J. Michael Haynes commended the Dimmicks for their patience, but said “in the fiscal situation the Town is in … I cannot support purchasing.”

In related business, the Board approved a professional services agreement with Barge, Waggon-er, Sumner and Cannon for construction plans for Phase II of McFee Park.

Phase II includes the entrance drive, parking, site lighting, two large picnic pavilions, walking trail connections, playground, small splash pad and a restroom and storage building.

Cost of the plan is $160,000, with an additional $41,000 for construction administration services.


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