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• Via e-mail: What would Jesus do? Let me tell you what he did say. In biblical times, they didn’t have rifles, the lethal arm of choice then was the sword. To set the stage, Jesus and the Apostles are in the Garden of Gethsemene, and he was preparing them for troubled times ahead. He knew he would die on the cross, and for a while things would be tough for them. He said: “… one who does not have a sword should sell his cloak and buy one.” Luke 22:36.

• Via e-mail: In response to the person(s) in Concord Hills, unlike your neighbor our alarm system has never gone off before. I think it is ridiculous that you think there should be a fine for the police to respond to these alarms. They are supposed to serve and protect us, correct? If the police do not respond, then what good is an alarm, eventually criminals will figure out that nobody comes. We were NOT at home when this alarm went off or we would have called and told the security company not to send the police. I can understand if they keep getting the same alarms that they would not pay so much attention to them, but since there have been a lot more burglaries recently, this should be a concern for everyone. Thanks!

• Via e-mail: I have to tell everyone about officer A. Cain who works at Farragut High School. On Tuesday, the first day back after the Christmas holiday, I observed officer Cain directing traffic in the afternoon while school was letting out. I have a son who attends FHS and he says that officer Cain, (A. Cain is what a lot of the students call him because that is what is on his name badge) is out there rain or shine, hot or cold, making sure that traffic flows smoothly and all the kids are safe walking to their cars. On Tuesday, Farragut was getting hit with a large amount of rain and there I saw officer Cain, with a smile on his face directing traffic while the water ran off his hat and down his jacket. He looked soaked, but still had a smile on his face. I noticed he would stop traffic when kids would approach the cross walk so the kids did not have to stand in the rain and wait. I was waiting in the line of cars and was just amazed that he was so happy and friendly to the students considering the weather. My son tells me that officer Cain is always telling the kids good morning and have a good day while they walk from the parking lot to the school. So all you parents out there who drive on the FHS campus, make sure you tell officer Cain hello and tell him what a pleasure it is having him protecting our children. I think we take people like him for granted at the type of work they do, the hours they work, and we don’t tell them thank you enough, especially when officer Cain and others put the welfare of others before themselves. (Please pass this on to officer Cain and the administration of FHS)

• I’m calling about the [Through the Lens] question on the editorial page [Jan. 8 issue], “Firearms ownership: a right or a privilege?” It’s been established by the Supreme Court that it is an individual right, so there shouldn’t be any question. And I’m surprised that a newspaper, which is founded on the basis of the First Amendment, would be questioning the Second [Amendment]. The fact is there is no doubt about what the First Amendment means, and there’s no doubt about what the Second Amendment means.

Editor’s Note: We’re not questioning the core of the Second Amendment, we are simply trying to find out what the public thinks about gun ownership.

• Hey, Farragut, I have a big question for yah; and that is regarding Farragut High School’s basketball for boys. I’m wondering why during the off-season, during the Christmas break — I just read in the newspaper about a Lenoir City tournament is what the Farragut team played — and I’m wondering why they don’t go for more challenging teams? It seems kinda odd to me, coming from out of town, that a big school such as Farragut would choose to play teeny-tiny teams that have no competition for a large team. If a team is planning on going to state, I don’t understand why that they would mess around with little teams? Can someone please explain that to an outsider?

• Thank you KAHA administrators for everything that you do to make the ice rink run smoothly. You know who you are.

• I was calling about the gun permit law. I think that the parks and recreation and everything in the county should be the same as federal regulations. If you can carry a gun in a federal park, you should be able to carry it in county parks nationwide. And I think the Second Amendment should be honored to the fullest extent.

• As far as gun ownership and the right to carry and stuff like that, the Supreme Court has made a decision as far as the right of gun ownership. That’s no longer a moot issue. However, state by state there’s a lot of things that need to be corrected. There’s a new ruling as far as carrying a gun in federal parks, which becomes active very soon. The state parks need to adopt the same rules as the federal and that would be a very easy thing to do. This is done frequently with a lot of different things, as far as, like, for instance, home inspection. A lot of areas go ahead and adopt the federal rules as far as construction of homes and so forth. It needs to be consistent with federal government.

• As a customer of [Tennessee Valley Authority] I was very surprised as I saw the newscast and read in the paper this week about the ash spill, which is something that my heart goes out to all those people who have lost their homes. And then I noticed that TVA says that we, as their customers, are going to have to make up this cost and pay for this incident. Why should we, as the consumer, have to do this? As a person who lives on a fixed income, I find this very difficult to swallow especially when their CEOs seem to be getting a raise every year. I don’t understand how we will have to stand back and let them add on to our monthly bill to pay for a mistake that was theirs, which they should have corrected previously.

• I just received my [Knoxville Utilities Board] gas bill for $385. Last year, for this same period, it was $190. The main reason for this increase was the price of natural gas, which was driven up by environmentalist restrictions on drilling. Now [President-Elect Barack] Obama wants to institute an expensive new cap-and-trade system and place new federal excise taxes on fossil fuels that will drive the prices up another 100 percent. All of this is supposed to stop global warming, but climatologists are predicting that the next few decades are likely to be colder than normal. Most people are now starting to realize that climate runs in natural cycles of hot and cold, and that carbon dioxide has little to do with it. Yet, my gas bill has increased by more than a hundred percent in one year and Obama wants more environmental restrictions that will double the price again. Sorry, but I can’t afford $800 a month just to support the fiction of global warming. The truth is, the earth is now entering a period of global cooling. I just wish it was heating up instead, because then I might be able to pay KUB what I owe them.

Editor’s Note: CBS aired a very interesting segment on its “60 Minutes” news magazine about rising fuel costs. They allege that costs have risen because of futures investors not because of supply and demand. In fact, they allege that the supply now is huge and demand is down.


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