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• Via e-mail: Wouldn’t the old Kroger building be the greatest spot for the new Y? It’s easily accessible, entrances from four different places and so centrally located. Northshore is a horrible place to put it, if, in fact, that is what is still on the table. Traffic, distance and congestion are the only things I see happening if it is out there. Just a thought.

• Via e-mail: I think when people report items taken from their vehicles, officers should ask them if the vehicle was locked. If it wasn’t, the officer shouldn’t have to waste his/her time taking a report. Every week in the police report section, there are numerous complaints about items being stolen from unlocked vehicles. Despite reading these time and again, some people foolishly leave iPods, cameras, and even purses/wallets in unlocked cars. If they can’t take the time to lock up their valuables, or even put small things such as iPods, phones, etc. in the console or glove compartment, officers shouldn’t have to waste their time going to fill out a report.

• Via e-mail: To the person who was complaining about the illegal left turns from the Weigel’s near Sugarwood, I understand your frustration. If you’re traveling east and need to get in the turn lane to turn left onto Smith Road, and someone makes that illegal turn out of Weigel’s, it’s sometimes impossible to make the turn. It’s very annoying to have to go to Ingles to turn around and head back west to make a right turn into Smith Road. There never seems to be a police officer around when someone does something so foolish.

• Via e-mail: Regarding the “parents discretion” day for school, I think it was not thought out. All over [Knox] County cell phones were buzzing with kids discussing with their friends whether they were going to school or not! It should either be open or closed or late, not ambiguous. I think parents should be responsible to see that their kids have coats and hats. As to “closing for cold” that is a euphemism for “closing because people dress inappropriately.” Did my kids go to school? No, they stayed home and baked me a birthday cake because this non-decision happened to fall on my birthday! So I do want to say “thank you” to the superintendent [James McIntyre] for giving the kids an excused absence to help me celebrate! Additional trivia: I was born during an ice storm, and my mother made it to the hospital. Bottom line: The weather is like this in January sometimes. Why do we act like we’ve never seen it cold before?

• Via e-mail: in response to the person asking why it is Christianity always under attack. Of all religions Christianity works upon the individual privately and publicly, rather than on the group. This inhibits those who would have the government as shepherd. Christianity also inhibits a leveling of a people whose goal is to obtain equality. When equality is obtained people become restrained and stifled and controlled by the shepherd government. Once equality is achieved, we muddle through the mundane life of devotion to the government. Enslaved to what the bureaucracy may have us do. New ideas, talents and imaginations are no longer debated nor encouraged. Christianity must be attacked because it appeals to the individual conscience rather than the homogenized group. Also, Christianity encourages reaching out to others in need. It encourages self-sufficiency and human dignity for each individual as a precious child of God. And this is very dangerous for those whose desire is groupthink and dependency on the shepherd government.

• As an avid walker I just wanted to say thanks to the town of Farragut for completing the sidewalks along Old Stage Road. It’s a huge help to have a safe way to walk. Great exercise, too. Thanks.

• With respect to the question of whether the schools should have been closed last Friday [Jan. 16], I think that the schools should; the superintendent [James McIntyre] should make the decision about whether they should be open or closed and not leave it up to the parents. Basically half the kids went. With the way it was handled, seems like the school wasted a lot of money heating buildings where not much was going on at school, anyway. [Inaudible] My son went to school but they really didn’t do anything because so many students didn’t go to school. The superintendent should make the decision and not leave it up to parents to decide whether or not to let their kids to go to school. Our policy here at our house is if the school is open, then our son will be in school. But I would prefer that the officials make the decision on whether to make the school open or closed.

• As far as the optional school last Friday on Jan. 16, my daughter chose to go to school, she’s a junior at Farragut High School. What I was disappointed in was reading the next day how the superintendent was disappointed that so many kids decided not to go to school. And he made the comment, “How can we be like a 21st Century school and compete at that level if our children don’t make the decision to go to school and their parents don’t send ’em?” My daughter watched three movies in four different classes on that Friday, and I feel like probably she would have been benefited better if she had stayed home and read something intelligent or whatever like that instead of going to school and watching [inaudible]. So that could be my answer to him: next time don’t do something so stupid like that.

• I’m just curious as to why every week you have Player of the Week [high school basketball] and it’s always for Bearden, Farragut, Hardin Valley? Do you not honor kids from CAK or Webb or Catholic or Knoxville Christian or Grace [Christian Academy]? It just seems like it’s just always those three and [compared to] Bearden, Catholic’s a lot closer, and Webb.

Editor’s Note: Our “Players of the Week” sponsored feature reflects the Knox County school basketball programs farragutpress covers.

• This week, the so-called “new Belleaire Drive” opened. It’s a mess. It’s rough, it’s uneven, there’s patches that are on the verge of becoming potholes. The drainage vents, interestingly, are above the street itself. Finally, some of the residents were able to get through to people at Town Hall and to get some answers to questions about the road. Supposedly, it’s not finished yet. Why was it allowed to be opened when it wasn’t finished? Having traffic on it is going to cause damage to the road, therefore more expense. And also, damage possibly to cars and so forth. If something should happen to someone’s car as it’s traveling up and down Belleaire, whether it’s a resident, visitor, delivery truck or whatever, whose going to be responsible for that repair bill? Also, the placement of the signs that state new Belleaire Drive is open are too close to the entrance. When it’s dark, you come up on it very, very suddenly and it’s hard to see. Also, the town engineer [Darryl Smith] apparently was not aware that the street was not finished before it was opened and didn’t know why it was opened before it was finished. These are a lot of questions that need to be dealt with. We have an election coming up, people, in this fiscal year 2009. We need to get some new blood in the Town Hall, people who are responsible and care about all of the Farragut resident, not just a special, select few.

• Via e-mail: I was surprised to see the complaint over mail service in Old Stage Hills in the Jan. 22 edition in presstalk. I have lived in Old Stage for over 20 years and I believe our current carrier is one of the best we've ever had. My mail is always here when I get home from work so maybe the person with the complaint is home all day so it seems later in the day. This carrier goes above and beyond in my experience!


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