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• Via U.S. Mail: Some thoughts regarding the Feb. 5 article “Personnel Committee Role Defined.” Is it a coincidence that since the existence of the town of Farragut, having been served by the personnel committee very efficiently, that now that there have been several grievances filed against the Town administrator, the committee is no longer adequate? Do we know which members of the Board are not pleased and why? … Do we know how much time it takes to research and act on legal issues? Apparently, long enough that it has cost the Town to have to triple the Town’s Attorney’s fees in the last few years. Is there more? You bet, but look for yourselves. Farragut residents should be more aware of many internal problems within their Town leaders and the impact that has on the Town. Is it time for a change and house cleaning? Just a reminder ... there is an election in April.

• Via e-mail: In response to the stop the whining letter to the editor concerning FBC and Belleaire. When you go to work and school everyday, and they’re taking another big slice out of your road week after week, only to half patch the road back in place. Your car stays covered in mud, you have nails in your tires, and your front-end alignment stays out of whack. There are orange and white barrels lining the street and you cant see to pull onto Kingston Pike. Please let me know how you feel at that point. The new Belleaire Drive was suppose to be completed last fall, but [it] wasn’t. It seems that we have been forced to live in the middle of this construction project. Our children are the future as well and we are trying to put food on the table and get an education. It’s letters like yours that keep the whining and the back and forth going.

• Via e-mail: Oddly, Mr. [Tom] Hale, [town attorney] sounds more like Mr. [Dan] Olson’s, [Town administrator] attorney rather than the Town attorney. Ninety percent pay to be a finance director? I am assuming finance was maybe 50 percent of his entire job so why does he not get that percentage of his pay? And he works from home, so why the car allowance when he cannot even drive? He (and the investigations the town has paid for) is a waste of T.O.F money. The options should have been suspended without pay pending the investigation, which should be made public or termination. Why is the Town paying for his attorney? Are they paying for anyone else’s who has had to hire an attorney or seek legal advice due to the Town attorney, mayor and Board not handling situations as they came up or after recommendations from the personnel committee were ignored? His work record is unblemished? How many unethical issues have come before the Town Attorney, Mayor & Board that have been ignored? Then without action turned into complaints being filed with the personnel committee with their recommendations for action being ignored by the attorney, mayor and Board? Sadly this man has medical issues, so everyone felt sorry for him, but it does not excuse the [alleged] inappropriate actions, unethical practices and disgusting “collections” this man has brought to the Town. It kind of makes one wonder why the Town Attorney would advise the Mayor and Board against acting on a number of issues that they have learned about Mr. Olson and now to give him this package for leaving in six months. Makes one wonder what Mr. Olson has on the Mayor or Attorney...or a Board member. So for everyone in the T.O.F politics, on a committee, board or even a staff member, you should re-evaluate your ethics because it is time for a change in this government. Thank goodness the election is here!

• To the person who wrote in [last] week or called in [last] week who seems upset with people complaining about the new Belleaire Drive, apparently you’ve not driven on it. It’s a mess. Today, after all the rain, there were lots of water puddles where all the potholes are trying to form and all the cracks and crevasses are. …

• I was surprised to learn that a Chattanooga-based bank is going to open a branch at the old Silver Spoon location [corner of Kingston Pike and S. Campbell Station Road]. Does Farragut need another bank? How many banks does Farragut really need? I count at least seven between Concord Road and Kohl’s, maybe more. And does any [inaudible] money being used by this Chattanooga bank to open a branch in Farragut?

• It’s amazing to me, how week after week, I read this paper, and last week was six pages dedicated to sports. Students running and throwing balls. I’m not saying this doesn’t require skill, but there are students with skills and training that do other things. The arts at Farragut High School, drama and music departments, are never mentioned. Believe it or not, we have children that have taken years and years of voice and acting lessons [and] instrument lessons that have worked very hard training for perfection — and does not include a ball or stick. There’s a musical, which is right now being put together with live orchestra, which is all 100 percent Farragut students. Where’s the press on this? Never, ever six pages of it. Just because this is not a sport, it seems like it’s being ignored. These amazing students have for years been involved with protecting their sport. Come on, farragutpress; let’s see more on the arts and less on the sports and signings. The sports breakfasts are front page and center. The [inaudible] department’s having one at Aubrey’s, and have in the past — no mention in your paper about that. Once again, not sports. What messages are you sending these bright, talented students — who, by the way, get into better colleges and have better grades and ACT scores, which is documented? I know parents have called and called and tried to get some exposure for the arts and are ignored. Shame on you.

Editor’s Note: Farragut High School theater, band and academics are all covered in farragutpress, as well as Bearden High School. The FHS band has appeared on the front page often and feature stories on students who have excelled academically appear in our School pages, while theater productions are found in our Entertainment pages. Sporting events occur each and every week, while music and theater productions occur less frequently and are covered accordingly. Communi-cation is a two-way street; the sporting community is very good at communicating its events far in advance allowing farragutpress time to schedule coverage. As for music and theater, we are in contact with Ron Rogers, Lea McMahan and Leann Dickson frequently. Thanks for the comment.

• Just something that I heard on the news a moment ago, which I found to be quite funny: the head of [Tennessee Valley Authority] saying that he was taking a pay cut. Instead of $2 million, he would be getting only $1 million. This is almost laughable. He needs to be like I am, living on Social Security and budgeting my money. And right now TVA is in a predicament for things that they have created for themselves. Right now our recession is due to one word, and that word is greed, and we need to wake up and realize this. This is just something that I found to be rather amusing. It must be very difficult to live on just $1 million a year.


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