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Circular drive variance narrowly passes

Farragut Municipal Planning Commission narrowly approved a variance for a circular drive for a Concord Hills woman at its meeting Thursday, Feb. 19.

Heidi Shlenker bought a hillside lot in Concord Hills and because of the sheer slope of the property, had a circular drive built to access her home, allegedly unaware the driveway put her in violation of Farragut codes.

“All the issues discussed tonight are public places … this is private property that I enhanced by building a house and clearing a lot,” Shlenker told Commissioners.

“I don’t understand why I can’t have what I want,” she added.

Pointing out that, despite the amount of backfill brought in to build her house, Shlenker still faces a 14-foot slope from Crown Point Drive to her front door, “I do not believe the property can exist with just one driveway in, in these conditions,” Farragut Mayor Eddy Ford said.

Commissioner Ron Honken said he understood the special circumstances of the lot, but believed Shlenker and her builder should have known the lot specifications before she built a home there.

“The rules for this piece of property were not hidden from anybody,” he added.

“I don’t see how you can dictate what I do on private property,” Shlenker said.

Commissioner Ed St. Clair told Shlenker, “you don’t do yourself any service by making statements like that.”

FMPC approved the circular drive by a 5 to 4 vote. The matter will next go before the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.


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