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Economy dichotomy

Last fall, as the gasoline prices were rising so fast station attendants could not change their advertised prices fast enough, people were noticeably absent from stores and gas stations. This week, something has changed. People are out and about, the shopping centers currently in favor with the public are populated with shoppers once again. Purchases of clearance and sale items lead the way, and necessities are not passed up. Staples are being purchased in bulk quantities, and wood for shelving is a popular item, as is the circular saw to cut them to size, and to trim the occasional fallen tree branch.

I suspect the encouraging speeches from our president, the diverse population and economic status of our citizens, and the discovery and exposure of our economic criminals in Wall Street and money centers, (who can you trust?) are all responsible. It may be too soon to buy new houses or automobiles, until the unemployment figures improve, but just right for spending for repairs to the real estate and autos we already own. This planning ahead to be ready for an inevitable recovery is an investment in the future.

For those who have some spare cash, now would also be a good time to invest in the market while prices are low. Market rises will reward those who buy and hold, and purchase of real estate now, will be rewarded as the housing market improves.

Harry Hogan


Jones supports

Town judge

It was with deep chagrin that I read about a fellow member of the [Tennessee] Bar and a fine Town judge, Jerry Martin, being attacked for enforcing the laws as they were written in requiring the [Town] to be responsible for its actions when it brings ordinance-type violations. Obviously, Ms. [Ruth] Hawk is not qualified to give her expert opinion in this cause of action and given the fact that the [Town] is the moving party they are tasked with the burden of proof in this cause action. Judge Martin is not there to rubber-stamp actions of the [town] of Farragut, but to interpret the laws in a fair and impartial way to the citizens of the [town] of Farragut.

If we allow this judge to be impugned for doing his job, then we are denigrating the integrity of our judiciary.

This man is constrained by the Judicial Code of Ethics from calling foul for this personal attack planted in the [farragutpress] by uninformed and/or questionable intentioned individuals.

I for one am proud of Jerry Martin’s actions and am encouraged that a judge has the backbone to stand up for what is right and to require the [town] of Farragut, which regularly runs rough shod over people to comply with the law.

I hope other citizens will join with me in supporting the Town Judge Jerry Martin.

T. Scott Jones

Banks & Jones


Thank you, Aubrey’s

I would like to thank Aubrey’s and the owner, Randy Burleson, for graciously supporting our schools (Farragut Primary, Farragut Intermediate, Farragut Junior High and Farragut High schools) yet again.

The people of Farragut should know that he generously donates his time and food for many special occasions at our schools.

His support of our teachers and sports teams is so much appreciated.

Aubrey’s is such a wonderful part of the community.

Thank you so much!

Lisa Woody



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