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• Via e-mail: Kudos to farragutpress for your coverage of the [former Town administrator Dan] Olson situation at the town of Farragut. That noted, there is another example of questionable ethics at Town Hall that needs to be brought to the attention of the citizens of Farragut. The Town treasurer, Allison Myers, is the wife of developer Noah Myers. Isn’t that a conflict of interest? In his letter to farragutpress last week, Mr. [Bob] Markli (rightfully so) was quick to point out that he is NOT a developer. He gets it. It does not seem honest that Mr. Myers has the “inside scoop” at the Town, and has obviously benefited from it. If Mrs. Myers can continue to work at Town Hall, then we need to hire the wives of all the other developers. Is this politics as usual, or is it just another example of the rampant corruption at Town Hall? It is time for the citizens of the town of Farragut to take back our Town and say “No more!”

Editor’s Note: It is our experience with the Town that Allison Myers, the Town treasurer and recorder, does not get a vote and is not in a position to influence votes on matters before the Town. Having attended several Town governing meetings in which Noah Myers has presented material for consideration, he has been shown no quarter and has had to conform to Town standards just as any other developer. As far as being an insider and following your logic, one would have to look at all government and do away with any nepotistic scenarios. In other words, no grade-level teacher could work in a system in which a relative holds a higher position “downtown,” no wives of Town leaders should be permitted to serve on a committee funded with Town dollars, or a teacher, fireman or police officer could in no way be related to a City or County commissioner or alderman and that would include sons, daughters, cousins, etc. That’s not very realistic.

• Via e-mail: Great! Just what we needed ... another BANK! This time it’s another restaurant being converted. You think maybe the banks’ problems in these economic times is their insistence on trying to put one on every street corner? Is Farragut just totally incapable of attracting any other sort of business?

• We need a meeting place for the general area of Farragut, for our younger people to have fun, and at the same time, a meeting place for our elderly for various events. We do not need a place plumb out of [the] Farragut area. Both young and elderly would enjoy something like this. Why did we waste, why did we want to waste, money on this land out in the McFee Road area and overpay for its appraised value? This money could have been put toward a Farragut meeting area.

• The University of Tennes-see’s decision to demolish Golf Range and Sullivan apartments, which house students, will have a negative impact on the Pond Gap community. The building of sports fields at the site will cause noise and other problems that will adversely affect the quality of life in the area. University of Tennessee should keep the apartments open for the students.

• It’s really hard to believe that we will tear down a beautiful restaurant building such as the old Silver Spoon and put in another bank. It is absolutely unbelievable. I didn’t know there was this kind of money floating around. We now have five banks within walking distance of each other and at least another half-dozen within a five-minute drive. No wonder we have an economy problem in this country. Where is our intelligence?

• We need the YMCA to go into the empty Kroger off of Kingston Pike. It’s ideal because that far from the one in back of Walreens is so crowded. It would just be the best thing; the best location for it would be the empty Kroger. And no more empty store sitting right on the front of Kingston Pike.

• Out of curiosity, I took a ride down the new Belleaire Road today; looks like a very nice road to me. If you think it’s not an improvement, just compare it to the rest of the road beyond the construction. And it’s gonna get better. I understand a new layer of blacktop will eventually be put on there.

• I find it very hard to believe we’ll leave the Town administrator on a paid work program with a car allowance and health insurance for [allegedly] harassing someone. In any other field this would not be acceptable.

Editor’s Note: The Town’s investigator pertaining to grievances filed by Chelsey Riemann, Pamela Reeves, reported there was insufficient evidence to support an action against the Town administrator and suggested the matter was a case of “poor judgement” on the administrator’s part. The Reeves investigation is not part of the EEOC complaint filed with the state.

• As I was traveling south on North Fox Den Drive one day last week, at the intersection of Champions Point and North Fox Den, I was appalled to see a golfer on the blue golf tee-box [relieving himself] not five feet, out in the open, in front of the whole public to see. It was disgusting and I think Fox Den Country Club needs to ban this man from ever playing golf at Fox Den again. I know several other people saw it at the same time; I saw somebody roll down their window and holler at them about how disgusting it was. And I think Fox Den Country Club needs to take appropriate actions about this man. It was on Thursday last week and he had a red shirt on. And I think it’s just totally [wrong], I think Fox Den Country Club was a better, more class[y] place than that.


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