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Development company moving to Concord Road

Southeastern Development Group Inc. plans to build its new offices just outside Farragut town limits, at the corner of Concord and Loop roads.

“We are constructing an owner-occupied real estate-land development office there,” Dan Rawn, project manager for Southeastern, said.

Southeastern currently is renting office space off Cross Park Drive.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever been on Cedar Bluff Road in the holiday season,” Rawn said with a laugh.

“It’s a matter of convenience to us,” Rawn said, adding some of the employees of the company lived in or around the Farragut area.

Some local residents have voiced concerns to farragutpress about zoning around Loop and Concord roads, but Rawn said the lot was zoned OA, or office park.

The spaces to the south and west of the lot are zoned commercial and agricultural, respectively. Other surrounding lots are zoned residential.

Rawn hopes Southeastern’s new home will be the “first LEIDS-certified privately-held office building in Knoxville,” with construction set to be completed in the summer.

“LEIDS certification is Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design,” Rawn said.

“It’s basically energy-efficient design: extra insulation in the walls, energy-efficient glass so you don’t have heat transfer.

“The facility has a lot of natural daylight coming in [and] since it’s office space, we won’t have to use as much lighting in the facility,” Rawn said.

LEIDS certification also involves “using motion and occupancy sensors … low-flush volume toilets, recycling our construction debris; a lot of materials we’re using in the facility are locally procured,” he added.

Rainwater from the building will be harvested to provide irrigation for landscaping. Low-VOC paints and materials will help keep the building’s carbon footprint to a minimum.

“We’re using design and materials to reduce the heat island effect on the roof and on the building because the black asphalt parking lot reflects the heat, changing the environment,” Rawn said.

“There’s a lot of things like that we’re doing in the building to make it environmentally friendly,” he added.

The two-story 8,000 square-foot building also will have a “historic flair” to tie it into the nearby buildings of Old Concord.

“We didn’t have to [design historically] because we’re not down in that area, but to be kind of neighborhood-friendly and to sit in with the homes in the area, we’ve went through that design process to make it more appealing to the community,” Rawn said.


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