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• Via e-mail: What happened to the recycling center on Kingston Pike? I had no idea how much paper, cardboard, and plastic I was putting in the dump until I began to use the recycling center. I need garbage pickup only once per month now. Farragut government needs to take the recycling lot for the common good, you know. Does anyone really care what the owner says about it? We now have a task force to spend the money that “Obama” and “Obiden” are going to give us, after we first send it to them for redistribution. Maybe we should just tell Obama that we could save more and spend it better if we just keep it here in the first place.

• Via e-mail: I know that the recycling center on Kingston Pike before you get to Lovell Road is not in the town of Farragut, but does anyone know where all the recycling bins went to? I went over to drop off my recycling and there was nothing to put it in. Everything was gone. Is there a better place to drop off recycling? I’ve only been here a year. Please help if you can. Thanks.

• I am wondering what happened to the recycle bins on Kingston Pike, near Lovell Road? They certainly were being well used and now they are gone. Is there somewhere else we can go to continue to recycle?

• Via e-mail: I was hoping to see an article in yesterday’s edition on why the new Recycle facility off Kingston Pike near Lovell Road closed. It certainly was a very popular facility and growing. It will be missed. I know the value of recyclables has gone down, so maybe that contributed to the closing. Hopefully it can come back.

• Via e-mail: The high school grades for Concord Christian School have not yet been voted on. It is proposed that one grade per year be added to include ninth grade next school year. The classes would be held at the same location where the school is presently. I think we are only talking about a handful of students.

• Via e-mail: I just went to the new recycling center beside Saplings nursery [near] Kingston Pike and Lovell Road and there is a sign stating that they closed on Jan. 25. Does anyone know why [it] closed? The previous time I was there, there were several cars and it appeared from all the containers that many people used it and that there is definitely a need for this in this area. I’m hoping there will be another recycling center in this area soon. Thanks.

Editor’s Note: The recycle center off Kingston Pike of which you speak was established by a private individual. No tax dollars or government monies were used in its creation. The owner found that it was too unprofitable to continue operating and closed it. There is another site in Knox County located off Executive Park Drive near Cedar Bluff that has recycle bins and many commercial garbage collection services offer recycling. The Dutchtown Road Knox County convenience center is a trash collection point and does not have recycle bins.

• Via e-mail: Well I see that “greed is good in Farragut.” Everybody wants a piece of the pie even if the result is never ending debt for our children and grandchildren. But everybody is doing it and we want our share! If we don’t get it someone else will. This is the “me first” attitude that got us into this mess in the first place. And of course everybody is doing it. Every state, county, city and town in the USA and maybe some in Mexico are licking their chops and elbowing their way to the federal trough. And the politicians will do their best to pass on as much as they can for their voters. Do you not think that all those high paid Bank, Wall Street, Freddie & Fannie and hedge fund CEO’s used the same rationale for what they did to bankrupt their companies? And now we are going to bankrupt our nation out of the same form of greed. We are outraged at Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, which robbed people of $50 billion. Madoff and his type (includes politicians) are successful by appealing to our greed. And we will do foolish things for a “buck.” “Trust me” is their slogan as they smile and look sincerely into our eyes. Most of us see how foolish those “conned” by Madoff were. Why can’t we have the same discernment when it is the politicians? Madoff is small potatoes compared to our government, which is going to con us out of billions. I wish we could see that the promises by Obama and Congress are no different and will, in the long run, have the same result as Madoff’s did. Only it will be our children who wind up with their futures lost. The government’s deficit spending works on the same Ponzi principle as Madoff’s. It is different in that when the governments do it, it becomes legal. Ponzi schemes all fail once the amount of scammed income is less than the promised pay out. Government solves this problem by printing money. Maybe some will resist the temptation to get “their share” and be part of the solution by saying, “thanks but no thanks” instead of contributing to making the problem worse. Maybe Farragut could be an example to our country and our children. Then again maybe not.

• Via e-mail: Is the FMPC slowly losing its mind? [T]hey want to let an architectural review committee in some homeowner’s association make a determination as to whether a homeowner can put in a circular driveway! Where is it written in our Town’s regulations or ordinances that they have to give this consideration in their decision making? These neighborhood committees have no professional experience to speak of and are just as likely to make their decisions based on the flip of a coin or a personal preference. The FMPC should learn to refrain from sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong. Unless there’s some prohibition against circular driveways (maybe the town has a patent on anything that could resemble a round-about?), the FMPC should approve the homeowner’s request and leave it up to the homeowner to deal with their association. The Town certainly doesn’t need to be party to a possible legal action because they took sides in a matter instead of addressing the issues like they’re supposed to.

• Via e-mail: As a parent of a Farragut High School junior, I struggled with that “parent discretion” day also. A friend who teaches at Bearden High School said: “Keep him home, they won’t do any work that day anyway” ... so we stayed home. The day was a total waste for the ones [who] foolishly attended. As of late, FHS has made some pretty silly decisions about when schools close or are delayed in opening. What is the big problem? You’ll get your money by adding an extra day at the end of the school year.

Editor’s Note: School closings are handed down from the superintendent’s office at Knox County Schools, not by individual school principals.

• Via e-mail: Thank you, person who suggested the Y[MCA] move into the old Kroger building. You have a great idea. I too agree that the negatives will hinder members from enjoying our new building if it is built at Northshore, not the best locale for the reasons you listed. How much of “our” desire to have our new Y built in Farragut will be heard? Corporate does as corporate wants in most cases. The only way I see the public making an impact would be if the Y listens to its people. We must back each other up so the Y corporates may decide to reconsider where they dig the first shovel full of dirt.

• Via e-mail: I read with interest the story about the attempt at creating a new Farragut Business Alliance. I would like to know why we need a new business alliance when we already have The Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce. As far as I am concerned, The Chamber has done a fine job for many years, and needs no help from a few disgruntled business owners.

• Once again our wonderful Knox County District Attorney [Randy Nichols] has accepted a ridiculous plea bargain for someone who has participated in a murder. Two years probation for accessory to murder? What kind of message is this sending to criminals, wanna-be criminals and so forth? We have got to be tough on crime, especially first offenders so they do not become second, third, fourth repeat offenders. [Inaudible].

• When the parking lot by Dewayne Allen, Dollar [General] Store and others was revamped, they took out the handicapped parking spaces. Several of us who are handicapped have requested these to be put back in. Still no handicapped spaces, and this is against the law. They have had several months to put them back in but they haven’t. … I try to shop in Farragut but I may have to go out of Farragut to shop if I have parking problems. Getting in and out of the car, I need the extra space, and having problems walking I need the closer parking to be able to shop. Who in Farragut should I contact about this?

• Recycling bins off Kingston Pike and Lovell Road are now closed. It looked like it was a successful operation. It was a nice, convenient location. Well, I guess I will be placing my recyclable items now in the landfill.

• I was disappointed to learn of the closing of the recycling location on Kingston Pike near Saplings. This was used by so many people in the last few months. Can the town of Farragut please step in and help recruit another location?

• I am disturbed by the massive amount of pork in [President Barack Obama’s] stimulus bill. Obama promised that his bill would include no wasteful spending and that it would be non-partisan. But what about four-and-a-half billion dollars going to the radical political group ACORN, for which the president once worked as a community organizer. What is this doing in a jobs bill that is supposed to be non-partisan?

• I would never have thought that the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen, led by Bob Hill [Farragut Municipal Planning Commission chairman] were all Democrats. They appear eager to receive the proposed stimulus plan money. Only Democrats and two-faced Republicans would accept taxpayer money adding to the deficit. For the town of Farragut to vote 90 percent Republican and then jump to the front of the line to receive money Democrats are taking from the taxpayers is disgusting.

• I had just driven down Kingston Pike to take my recycled things to that place next to Saplings and it was all gone. Everything was removed, the newspapers and the glass and the plastics and aluminum cans. Where did those go and where do we take our recycles now?

• I just wanted to give a shout out to the Bearden Bulldogs’ freshmen basketball team coached by [Mitch] Carter. They won the KIL Tournament, No. 1 in Knox County. Casey Tyler was the MVP of the tournament. And several other players — Alan Perry, Blake Williams — just a whole lot of standout performances. I just wanted to give ’em a “That a Boy, Way to Go.” They did a great job.


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