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FHS club knits for preemies

A group of Farragut High School students has decided to give back to the community using their own talent — knitting.

ClubKNIT, which stands for Knitting for Needy In Tennessee, meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month in the FHS Library where they knit caps for premature babies at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

So how does a group of high school students get involved with a knitting club?

Tracy Moore, the club’s staff sponsor and FHS library secretary, said, “Bethany Houghton, who was a junior here two years ago, came to me and said she wanted to start a knitting club.

“You have to get approval and get a sponsor for your club and write exactly what your goal is and present it to Student Government Association and if they approve it, it becomes a club.

“When she approached me I did not know how to knit at all and she said, ‘I will teach you,’ and she did. I have been hooked ever since,” she added.

The club’s membership varies and this year has about 20 members.

The students all have varying degrees of experience but more experienced members are always willing to help those who are just getting started.

This year’s club has one male member — Daniel Knowles.

“My friend, Eleni Klonaris, wanted me to come to the ClubKNIT meeting. I didn’t really want to because I figured I would be the only guy here, but once I started I couldn’t stop,” Daniel said.

Daniel has been a member of the club since August and has graduated from knitting caps to knitting scarves.

Arleigh Jones also was recruited to the club by Eleni.

“I needed a club for the Pride Award and I didn’t know how to knit so I joined,” Arleigh said.

Although she had never knitted before, she caught on rather quickly.

“It wasn’t too hard, there are Web sites that you can go to and watch, but Eleni taught me how to knit,” she added.

Eleni, who has been knitting since she was eight years old, and fellow member Megan Riepe, who also has been knitting since she was a small child, said they are more than happy to help others learn.

“My mom used to knit a lot and so I got the gene from her,” Megan added.

Moore said she has never regretted sponsoring the club and hopes to continue in the future.

“It is for such a great cause,” she said.

“Our first year we knitted 100 hats and our goal is to add 10 each year. Last year we had 110 and so this year our goal will be 120.”

Not all of the hats are knitted during club time.

“We take them home and work on them as well but this is just a nice way of getting together and chatting and seeing what everyone has done,” Moore said.

The majority of the supplies for the club either come from Moore, the students or donations from FHS teachers.

Anyone who would like to donate yarn or needles can drop them off in the office at FHS.


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