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• I have read several letters to the editor in the past few weeks saying what a great idea it would be putting a YMCA in the now vacant Kroger building. I agree that a YMCA in Farragut would be a plus, but if I am not mistaken, there is an establishment that sells alcohol sharing a wall with that building. I find it hard to believe that anyone would suggest that it is a good idea to have a place that children go and play, right next door to a liquor store. The next thing you know, these same people will be wanting to put a day care center on the other side. Surely there has to be a better place in Farragut to locate a Young Men’s Christian Association.

• Via e-mail: Why would we put the YMCA in the middle of a subdivision instead [of] on the main thoroughfare in Farragut? Why should we build a new building instead of putting to good use an abandoned building? By filling the old Kroger building with the YMCA we will deter vagrants and vandalism to the building. It is convenient to schools and the general population of Farragut. If the building needs to be expanded, there is room for that. There is plenty of parking. We don’t need a furniture store, but we do need a new YMCA. It only makes good dollar sense and great community sense.

• Via e-mail: I watched the [Board of] Mayor and Alderman meeting on the public channel last night and I was shocked by the behavior and tone of our mayor during the vote for an interim Town administrator. He sounded as though he was on a personal agenda and not considering what is the best for the town. It just makes logical sense to have an interim Town administrator who has been working in that department, instead of bringing in an “independent” person, for a six-month position. And, I thought the town attorney was not a member of the Board of Mayor & Aldermen? [Town attorney] Tom Hale sure expressed his opinions and appears to be trying to sway the vote! … [Content deleted].

• Via e-mail: Who is responsible for picking up all the trash on the side of the roads in the town of Farragut and West Knox County? As you drive along Concord Road, Turkey Creek, Virtue, Boyd Station and McFee roads, Northshore Drive, Harvey and Choto roads you see trash everywhere. It is a disgrace. You would think Knox County and the town of Farragut would have the convicted criminals sitting in jail clean this up, since our taxpayer dollars are paying for it.

• Via e-mail: When is the town of Farragut going to do something about the traffic at the intersection of St. John’s Court and Grigsby Chapel Road? Are they waiting until someone plows into the side of a car going 50 or 60 mph on Grigsby Chapel Road and killing someone or perhaps a child walking to and from school? It is no secret that drivers use Smith and Grigsby Chapel roads as a shortcut to and from Turkey Creek. My child attends St. John Neumann School and we are members of the church. We live less than five minutes from the church and school. It has become extremely dangerous to turn left or right onto Grigsby Chapel Road after attending mass or taking my child to and from the school. I really think making this a three-way stop intersection will help tremendously and can be done quickly! It is also not fair to the people that live in Berkeley Park and Prestwick Place to have to deal with all this chaos. Last night (Ash Wednesday), we had a service at 6.30 p.m., at which time, people are coming home from work. No one going either direction on Grigsby Chapel Road would let anyone turn onto St. John’s Court without a gesture or honking their horn. Traffic had backed up past the turning lane in which case blocked vehicles heading toward Campbell Station Road. There was no continuous flow of traffic just angry and rude drivers trying reach their destination. It seems only fair that if the town of Farragut can accommodate First Baptist Church, Concord, by moving a street to make way for expansion of their church and school, supply officers to direct traffic before and after their services, shouldn’t the same be done for other churches and schools as well. We have a beautiful church and school campus and want to continue to grow and support our neighbors. Please, I beg of you, work with us for the safety of our children and the community. Please place a three-way stop sign at this intersection. If anyone feels the way I do, please make your voice be heard.

• Via e-mail: Let me see if I have this straight. Farragut Town Council will make Sam & Andy’s take down an airlock that violates no law, inconveniences no one but adds much benefit to their patrons. And the reason is because other businesses may want a variance too, and causes bother to the Aldermen? What a moronic, nonsensical decision. It truly seems a case of “we’re from the government, and we’re here to help.” I often wonder if one loses their common sense when one takes political office, or is lack of common sense a prerequisite.

• Via e-mail: The comments in last week’s letters column, it seems to me, were unfair. Decisions are based on evidence presented in court. Lacking evidence or corroboration the judge had to dismiss. Justice is tied to the evidence, not the degree of interest by the complainant.

• I just read your Feb. 26 edition, which I found to be very interesting and informative. … Yes, the election is very near, on March 18 through April 7. …

• I appreciate the majority of the Farragut Municipal Planning Commissioners who support a level-playing field for all businesses in our Town. This is in reference to the outrageous behavior by the owner of Sam and Andy’s, who decided he was above the procedures of our Town and decided to extend his entranceway into property that isn’t his. Now he’s crying the blues because it will cost money to remove or move the structure inside, where it should have been all along. If this guy is as serious about his customers as he says he is, this should be a no-brainer: tear out your illegal structure and replace it with one within your business, checking, of course, with the Town to make sure proper procedure is followed. Real easy; nothing tough about this one. He’s lucky the Town doesn’t fine him. His behavior is a slap in the face to all other business owners and developers who follow the Town’s procedures.

• I was just calling in reference to the cartoon in this week’s [Feb. 19, 2009] farragutpress about Belleaire Drive. It was a very welcome and much-needed chuckle to an on-going problem that has been going on for way too long without any resolution. Thank you so much. We all needed the chuckle. We have all enjoyed it so much, and there is so much truth in humor.

• Good morning. I was reading presstalk in the farragutpress and I am calling about the editor’s note regarding the Allison Myers/Noah Myers nepotism situation. I think your editor’s note taking a position for this paper is highly irregular. I thought newspapers were supposed to report information, unbiased, not take a comment made by a citizen and then counterpoint it and obviously take a position as a paper. I didn’t think that was what newspapers were all about. So that’s my comment. My caution to you is to be careful about taking a position as a newspaper. You’re to report the news, not to decide or counterpoint citizens’ comments and observations. Which it’s a good observation, by the way … I know that situation personally and it’s a good observation.

Editor’s Note: Thank you for the comment, but the Opinion page in farragutpress belongs to the public and newspaper staff. The editor at farragutpress reserves the right to edit, omit and comment on all material submitted to the Opinion page, especially presstalk. Due to its nature, presstalk allows readers to vent with sometimes-unsubstantiated statements. This is not carte blanche. The editor determines if comment is warranted. If readers wish to address a specific topic or person by name, then write a verified letter and sign your name. News — hard and soft, without opinion — is relegated to all other pages and sections of the newspaper.

• I would just like to mention that several of the boys were sitting around watching [The University of Tennessee men’s] basketball game on Saturday and I think some of the comments were interesting. I think the most interesting one was the fella that suggested the coach sit down, drink his Gatorade and give the players a chance to play. I recall the Arkansas game: while he [head coach Coach Bruce Pearl] was screaming at the players, one of the Arkansas players went down and stuffed the basket, and beat the Vols. I think he should slow down a little bit and give the players a chance.

• Over the past approximately two years, I have had the opportunity to see how our Farragut Town Hall and elected officials do the job that we, the voters of Farragut, entrusted them with. I wish I could say I’ve been pleased. During the past two years, those who are in office have allowed violations of the Tennessee Open Records Act. They have made decisions concerning spending large amounts of money that come from the taxpayer base of Farragut against the will of the voters and residents of Farragut. There has been blatant favoritism on projects and spending money. This is what happens when we don’t have term limits. You get those who are elected repeatedly, over and over again, because people are used to the status quo … but unfortunately, not having term limits and being able to be reelected and reelected and reelected to the same position reaps arrogant behavior and it also breeds a sense of entitlement. It breeds a sense of “I can do what I want.” This has to stop. Residents of many subdivisions who have been going up against our Town Board [of Mayor and Aldermen] just asking them to follow the rules that the Town itself sets down have walked away shaking their heads in disbelief. It’s time for a change … .


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