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Alderman Williams endorses Rosseel

Even in a difficult economic period, the town of Farragut continues to have new and exciting events.

Among those happenings, I hope that everyone in Farragut is excited about the current elections.

First, the town of Farragut was selected by the state to pilot convenience voting allowing expanded voting opportunities.

Second, the race for mayor pits Mayor [Eddy] Ford seeking a fifth term against Ralph McGill, a challenger who was instrumental in the incorporation of Farragut and who now presents fresh ideas about future directions of the town.

In Ward 2, Jeff Elliott is running unopposed and is poised to capture the seat of Vice Mayor Mike Haynes, who chose not to seek re-election. If successful, Jeff will add his formidable skills and energetic, forward thinking perspective to the Board of Mayor and Alderman.

Finally, in Ward 1, Tom Rosseel is running for re-election against Bob Markli. While also representing Ward 1 for the past two years I have worked along side Tom and noted that he continues to be a staunch advocate for issues that concern all residents, including safety, green issues, business opportunity, educational excellence, and expanded recreational opportunities.

I encourage all voters to exercise their voting rights, get to the Town Hall during election hours, and to support both Jeff Elliott and Tom Rosseel.

John B. Williams MD PhD

Alderman, Ward 1

Taylors praise Rosseel

Over the last four years, Alderman Tom Rosseel has worked with homeowners to improve the safety of entrances to subdivisions like StoneCrest, Andover and Hickory Woods. He’s successfully fought on the side of residents to keep high-density zoning away from Ridgeland, Chapel Pointe, Wyndam Hall, Wooodland Trace and Farragut View subdivisions. And he’s supported a traffic light at Kingston Pike and Everett Road.

When no one else was willing to find solutions to Farragut’s overcrowded schools and too few parks, he led the way. He’s also proposed innovative ways to work with the private sector on recycling and economic development.

Alderman Rosseel believes the citizens should expect more from our government. When problems arose at Town Hall, he represented all of us with a call for term limits and a return to effective government. In short, he has the experience and demonstrated leadership to make Farragut a better place to live and raise our families. Please join us in voting for Alderman Rosseel.

Jack & Mary Taylor


Markli says Rosseel record ‘inconsistent’

My opponent, Mr. Tom Rosseel has made recent public statements concerning his record as alderman that are inconsistent with the facts in the public record.

To defend his record on property rights, he lists only examples from many years before he became an alderman.

He next states, carefully choosing his words, that he “never proposed Impact Fees.”

The record shows that he was an impassioned proponent of this form of property tax and did in fact make the motion on the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to implement it. Then in public meeting in the face of overwhelming and unanimous public opposition to the matter, Mr. Rosseel stubbornly persisted in voting for Impact Fees. He then went on to ardently defend Impact Fees in several letters to the editor published in the farragutpress.

He next states that he “didn’t negotiate in public or in private (on the Seal Property purchase) because the Board doesn’t negotiate contracts.”

Once more, the records show that Rosseel initiated the contact with Jim and Molly Seal and did in fact meet with them in negotiations in which a contract price of $1.3 million was negotiated.

This was done without the knowledge of the mayor and vice mayor who only learned about it in the public meeting on Feb. 14, 2008, where it made front page news in the Feb. 21 farragutpress.

Bob Markli



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