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Hogan supports


Many of us enjoy reading. We read books, magazines, newspapers, even house organs and newsletters. We read for entertainment, information, relaxation and education. Reading gives us great enjoyment and a pleasant way to pass the time as we enjoy our morning coffee, wait in doctors’ offices, in checkout lines and post offices around the country.

Without newspaper advertisements, we are unable to determine what food and commodities are available at various stores and at what price.

It is sad to note the daily papers are declining in readership, advertisements and subscriptions. Many have gone out of business in the large metropolitan areas because of competition between one another. Now they are declining in revenue in the smaller areas of coverage because of the Internet.

Some folks think the Internet is more efficient. I see a need for both Internet and newspapers to get the news of the day. I use both media types, one for electronic mail and information searches, the other for the news of the day written by a skilled news hound and/or columnist.

There will always be a need for newspapers, in my opinion. The news of the day, advertisements, comics, crossword and other puzzles, horoscopes and letters to the editor are all sufficient reasons to buy newspapers. The world is a much better place with their publication. News-papers reinforce our freedoms by challenging those who would take them away and exposing the criminals behind the plots.

Support your local paper as well as your local sheriff.

Harry Hogan


CIP projects


Regarding the suggestions for CIP projects in the future (March 26 issue), specifically, the widening of Smith Road from Grigsby Chapel to Everett Road.

This was voted on by three members. I’ll bet these members use Smith Road as their thoroughfare on their way home. They might even be some of the people who blow past the stop sign at Andover Place. It has become a danger to exit out of Andover Place. Ninety percent of the traffic on Smith Road is using it as a shortcut to get elsewhere. You want to widen it so we have even more traffic and a better drag strip? Yes, I did say drag strip.

I can see the three-way stop at the entrance to Andover Place from the deck of my house.

During the morning and evening rush times, I can count on my fist the number of cars who actually come close to a legal stop. Most go through at 10-to-30 mph! I’ve even seen some go through at 50-60 mph. Mind you this is a 25 mph zone. The majority of drivers on this stretch of road travel 35-50 mph. The rare driver who drives the limit would surely cause “road rage” if that stretch of road was any longer. As it is now, Smith Road is used as a shortcut to elsewhere. It is currently plenty wide for the 25 mph speed limit.

Can you imagine the extra revenue to the town of Farragut if we had our own cop stationed in this area?

I’m sorry I carried on too long. I’m trying to alleviate “calming islands” in the future for Smith Road.

Please come enjoy a glass of ice tea with me, on my back deck, as we watch the traffic speed by.

Roger C. Legako


GCR traffic concerns

I am a homeowner in Farragut Commons and have watched with interest as the “traffic calming islands” have been installed.

I wanted to be open to progress and see how things went so I tried not to form a negative opinion.

At first, during Spring Break week, I thought it might actually be helpful since I could pull out into the center lane and merge knowing that I was not going to be hit by east-traveling traffic from the center lane, but when school was back in session, it is a very different story.

Now the traffic backs up much farther west and with only one lane heading east towards Campbell Station, it is extremely hard to merge out in bumper to bumper traffic. Also, when approaching the Campbell Station traffic light from Grigsby Chapel, the green light doesn’t stay on long enough to clear out the traffic.

I hope the town of Farragut will review this problem and make some changes before things become much worse.

Jane Sharpe


How about that

Five minutes and six seconds after 4 a.m. on the 8th day of July this year the date will be:


Bud Weisser


GCR islands serve as ‘model’

This letter is in response to the Letters to the Editor and the presstalk commentaries in the March 12 edition of farragutpress concerning  construction of the traffic-calming islands in the center lane of Grigsby Chapel Road.

The purpose of the project, as detailed in the Feb. 14, 2008, Grigsby Chapel Road/Smith Road Traffic Study prepared by Cannon & Cannon Consulting Engineers for the town of Farragut, is to reduce traffic speeds, discourage cut-through traffic, and discourage vehicles passing in the center lane along GCR and portions of Smith Road.

As noted in the study, these roadways are two- and three-lane collector type roadways that are bordered by and which primarily serve residential neighborhoods. These roadways were never intended to serve non-local traffic.

Unfortunately, prior to 2000, the section of GCR between Campbell Station Rd and Fretz Road was reclassified from a collector road to an arterial road. The reclassification of GCR to a minor arterial encourages the use of GCR by non-local traffic from I-40, Parkside Drive, Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road.

As noted in the Cannon & Cannon traffic study, the section of GCR approaching Campbell Station Road has the highest area for crashes. The construction of the traffic calming islands is a recognition by the town of Farragut to eliminate the use of GCR by non-local traffic, to reduce traffic speed, and to eliminate the use of the center lane for a passing lane.

When the construction of the traffic-calming islands is completed and each island has been landscaped, Farragut engineering staff will evaluate the effectiveness of the islands in meeting the purpose of the project. The widening of Campbell Station Road to five lanes should eliminate the use of GCR by non-local traffic.

Grigsby Chapel and Smith roads are two major gateways and entryways into residential areas of Farragut. The traffic-calming islands will insure these roadways primarily serve the adjoining residential neighborhoods and can serve as a model for construction of scenic roadways in other residential areas of Farragut.

DeLacy M. Wyman, AICP



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