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FBA mulls ‘Buy in Farragut’

Farragut Business Alliance discussed a desire to make the “Buy in Farragut” campaign a mantra and a method rather than a yearly event at its meeting Tuesday, March 24.

“We wanted to figure out how to expand ‘Buy in Farragut,’ get input from the residents on what they would like to see as far as business in the community,” David Purvis, Farragut Wine and Spirits owner and FBA organizer, said.

Advertising Farragut as a shopping destination and district was an idea bandied about by attendees, as was expanding the “Buy in Farragut” campaign to another time of year besides December.

The Business Alliance would organize special events around already existing ones, such as an additional “Buy in Farragut” campaign to emphasize the Town’s Independence Day parade.

In tune with an expanded “Buy in Farragut” campaign, FBA may prompt creation of an economic development board, an idea conceived by Alderman Tom Rosseel.

The development board would provide feedback to the Town about ordinances, regulations and other aspects of economic growth.

“The whole idea of the ‘Buy in Farragut’ campaign and how you approach that could be tied into this economic development board,” Rosseel said.

“It’s basically promoting long-term private sector investment.

“I see the Farragut economic development board can basically be an independent organization that can be sponsored by the Town … that would help Farragut but would also work with regional partners,” he added.

FBA also wanted to explore methods of recruiting businesses to Farragut, including communicating available land and existing space for new businesses and finding ways for residents to express desires for certain businesses.

“We want input from residents about what businesses they want to see come in,” Purvis said, although the method for collecting such information was not nailed down.

FBA also prepared its mission statement and objectives.

“FBA’s mission is to promote the well-being and success of the business community in the town of Farragut, enhance the quality of life of the Town’s citizens, and assist with the fiscal success of the Town through marketing promotions, community events, review of existing codes and ordinances and recruiting of new businesses,” the mission statement read.

“We’re not really a board-type thing for businesses, but we are representing all the businesses in Farragut,” Dale Thompson, owner of Bath Junkie, said.

He recommended the group continue to have monthly meetings but also have quarterly meetings with “open presentations” to attract business owners who may not be able to attend monthly meetings.

“We can present what we’re doing as a group,” Purvis said.

Finally, FBA members talked about recruiting more business owners to join the discussion.

“If each of us serves as an ambassador for this committee, word will spread,” Pamela Treacy, owner of Campbell Station Wine and Spirits, said.

“Great ideas are coming out of this,” Purvis said.

Farragut Business Alliance’s next meeting will be at 8 a.m., Tuesday, April 21, in the community room at Town Hall. For more information, e-mail


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