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Ganesan, Crawford offered ‘Haslam Scholars' poistions

Two Farragut High School Seniors, Hari Ganesan and Madelyn Crawford, both pictured above, have been offered membership in The University of Tennessee’s most elite academic program — the Haslam Scholars Program.

The program admits a maximum of 15 first-year Chancellor’s Honors students annually and supports them with the university’s most prestigious and generous named scholarships.

“It is the best scholarship that U-T offers,” Hari said.

“They give you the Presidential Scholarship, then if you are a National Merit Scholar you get added on to that. Then they also give you a stipend for a laptop, they give you summer abroad; they give you a research grant.”

Madelyn added, “There is not a specific amount of money attached to the Haslam program. It is a group of 15 students that take a certain number of courses. You are given entrance into certain seminars.”

“They are special courses that just Haslam Scholars can take,” Hari said.

The two added as Haslam Scholars they would be included in special programs and extracurricular activities on and off campus.

“And you junior and senior years you do special projects,” Hari said.

“And an honor’s thesis,” Madelyn added.

Students are selected from applicants all over the world.

“One girl was there from Dubai,” Hari said.

Application for selection is included along with the normal UT scholarship application.

“They select about 200 people to interview and from that select 30 and from that they select 15,” Hari added.

“The application involves of writing an essay — a couple of essays — and filling out the usual information,” Madelyn said.

Although there is a lot at stake, both Madelyn and Hari said once they were accepted as applicants, the selection process was fun.

“I had fun with it. We had to go to UT and we had two different interviews. One was with a UT alumnus and one with a UT professor.

“We had to write two essays within a time limit and we had a group book session over a book we had to read and everything we did was evaluated and they based their decision on that,” Madelyn said.

The book was Jonah Lehrer’s “Proust was a Neuroscientist”

“It is a book that combines art and science. It is really unique because a lot of people don’t really think that arts and science relate to each other, so he intertwines them,” Hari said.

Madelyn and Hari said event the essays were fun.

They were given the option to write about one of three topics.

“One was on a Karl Marx quote and how it is relevant today,” Madelyn said.

“The second one was on economics,” Hari added.

Madelyn said, “The third one — I wrote about the third, I loved this question —the topic was ‘The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow Critically Discussed.’

“Most of the students picked it,” Hari said.

“Because we had way more freedom with it,” Madelyn added.

Neither Madelyn nor Hari have decided if they will attend UT and accept admittance into the program.

“It is difficult to say before all the college [offers] come in.

Both students are national Merit Scholars and Madelyn recently scored perfect on the ACT. Both have applied for scholarships with other colleges and Universities.

“I am definitely considering it though,” Hari said.

“This made UT a very viable option for me,” Madelyn added.


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