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Markli unseats Rosseel
Opposes term limits, hopes to serve one term

Bob Markli, alderman-elect for Ward I, counts as one of his top priorities hiring a new Town administrator.

“The first order of business, I think, is getting a new Town administrator hired. I think this is absolutely key: we need to set clear, measurable standards for him,” Markli said.

“There needs to be a clear chain of command established between the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and this new administrator.

“We need to lay out goals and directions for the staff and let them implement them. I certainly don’t want to be micro-managing staff,” he added.

According to Markli, second on his list would be establishing an advisory board “among my … constituents, people that elected me.

“I’ve got a key list of about 400 people, an e-mail list, and I want to make them my advisory board. Because I don’t want to have big surprises,” Markli said, mentioning the Grigsby Chapel traffic calming islands.

“I want to work real hard to be in touch with my constituency, and when things like this come out, to do an e-mail blast to these people,” he added.

Markli is aware Mayor-elect Ralph McGill will be hotly pursuing term limits, an idea Markli said was unconstitutional during the election.

“In Farragut’s particular case, I don’t really see the need for them. I think Mayor [Eddy] Ford just got term-limited out,” Markli said.

“All you’ve got to do is go to the polls and change things,” he added.

According to Markli, Farragut has elections frequently enough to prevent any certain person or group taking power.

“Myself, I hope to be a one-term guy. I’ve got some specific things I want to work on when I get in, and hopefully in four years I can get that taken care of,” Markli said.

One such idea Markli hopes to pursue is an economic development board, an idea originally set forth by former alderman Tom Rosseel in his 2005 election.

“Whoever’s idea it is, it’s a great idea, an idea whose time has come,” Markli said, mentioning a possible partnership between Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce and Farragut Business Alliance.

“I think they could form the nucleus of this committee,” he added.

Markli also has said he would like to make Farragut more business friendly.

“I’m in business myself and have a lot of business contacts … and will have a lot of useful input,” Markli said.

“We’ll look at polishing the image of the Town … and tweaking that interface,” he added. Markli said this task would likely fall to the new Town Administrator.

Markli also would like to form a committee devoted to education.

“I think there’s still room to support the schools. We’ve heard a lot of talk about ‘Farragut is not in the education business’ but every time a new family moves into this community with children … we are in the education business,” Markli said.

Markli said Farragut has “unique resources” nearby, such as Oak Ridge National Laboratory, [The University of Tennessee] and TVA “that provide unique opportunities.”

“What I’m going too look for is ways to bring those resources into contact with the schools, and I think a citizen board is the way to do this,” Markli said.

“There’s already programs like that working at Farragut High [School] right now, and I just want to look for ways to strengthen and support that,” he added.

Ecological responsibility and recycling also are ideas Markli said he looks forward to implementing, through another citizen committee.

“I’d like to form another citizen committee just devoted to recycling and ecology issues,” Markli said.

A community center isn’t high on Markli’s list.

“I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other … I don’t know how the community feels about it,” he said.


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