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Elliott cruises to Ward II win
‘Buy in Farragut,’ Recycling Center high on ‘to do’ list

Jeff Elliott, alderman-elect for Ward II, said one of his highest priorities is a recycling center in Farragut.

“There is a strong sentiment for a recycling center in Farragut and that will certainly be a high priority for me,” Elliott said.

“I just heard loud and clear: people don’t see it as making any sense to drive all the way to Cedar Bluff or to Dutchtown Road.

“We’re a green community and people are proud of that,” he added.

Also high on Elliott’s list is expanding the “Buy in Farragut” campaign, an idea recently bandied about by Farragut Business Alliance.

“I really want to see that expanded … I think once a year is probably not enough … maybe we offer it a couple of times a year,” he said.

“I also want to see for the business sector some more creative ways of promoting [it] and educating our public,” Elliott said, mentioning studying other communities similar to Farragut.

“We’ve got to look at more creative ways of doing things,” than just amending sign ordinances to allow bigger signs, he added.

Elliott said educating the public and recruiting businesses are creative ways to promote Farragut’s businesses.

“If we feel we need a certain restaurant or a certain service industry, maybe we go try to promote ourselves,” Elliott said.

Elliott said he “definitely” supports term limits, as well as changing election times to coincide with Knox County’s: “People are really in favor of getting fresh faces and voices in there on a regular basis, and I think two terms, max, is plenty.”

Term limits, he said, would help keep Farragut elected positions part-time and volunteer.

“The idea [is to keep] this as a volunteer, part-time role, and getting the staff back to running the Town,” Elliott said.

“People were really charged about that: enough of the negativity, enough of the meddling, let’s get a good, strong Town manager and let the staff do their job … they’re the professionals.

“The Board of Mayor and Aldermen shouldn’t have to be lawyers or engineers. We ought to be able to encourage people like myself: I’m just a regular homeowner,” he added.

According to Elliott, the Town does a good job supporting the schools.

“I think what the Town has been doing, to date, has been good.

“It’s always a touchy role because Knox County is the required provider of education and the town of Farragut is not in the school business, but we do have schools in our Town,” Elliott said.

“It’s that fine line we walk between supporting our schools and encouraging Knox County’s support of our schools, but understanding legally where the line is,” he added.

A community center is another idea Elliott would like to achieve, possibly through a community fund-raising campaign.

“Certainly the town of Farragut would need to participate in that, but I just really feel the community would get behind something like that.

“I think with the folks we have in this community, that type of rallying-cry project would bring us all together in a big way,” Elliott said.


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