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Bicyclists, GCR islands need to go

I have read the letters in the farragutpress for months.

I can hardly contain myself any longer.

I am tired of abiding by all the ridiculous traffic laws and rules that seem to make absolutely no sense at all. Quite frankly, I’m tired of stupidity at my expense. I’m sure what I have to say will cause some negative response, but it is only logic that I am after.

First of all, I would like to address the issue of bicyclists, especially on Everett Road. Who, logically, thinks that a bicycle can honestly compete on a road with a vehicle? I find bicyclists to be rude and not the least bit accommodating. Everett Road is a narrow and very treacherous road. Why would you choose to ride on that road?

Then there is the problem of NOT obeying traffic laws. They run stop signs, red lights and do not indicate whether they will turn or continue to go straight.

Hence, if there is an accident involving a bicyclist and a vehicle, who do you think is cited? Please get off the roads, they were not meant to be shared with peddlers [sic]. Think about the logic in this.

Second, as the writer in this weeks farragutpress stated, we “bellyachers” in the 37934 ZIP Code are “whining” about the calming islands, I would like to say, again, where is the logic?

The problem with the Town, is that someone wants to control everything that we do. It’s all about control and very little about safety and/or what’s best for the residents.

Obviously, you have not listened to the hundreds of residents who have written letters expressing their views about these “calming” islands.” It seems as though we are at the mercy of those that sit in offices making lots of money to see how they can make us more frustrated.

Who thinks this stuff up? In my 20 years here in Farragut, I have seen very little progress and lots of unrealistic decision making on our behalf. Everyone wants to be so politically correct, they overlook the right thing that should be done.

The calming islands are a mistake, clear and simple. But, as always, continue on and don’t listen to those of us it affects. And the logic of getting out 15 minutes earlier to “arrive at work early making the boss think you’re one dedicated worker” is absurd.

My boss agrees that the islands are ridiculous as well. Just for the record, I do get to work a bit early and my boss already thinks I am dedicated.

And last, but not least, I’d like to address the left turn lane onto Kingston Pike from Campbell Station. Remember when there were two left turn arrows? I’d like to know whose idea it was to eliminate one.

Do you ever stop to think about the residents of this town? Would you like to try to make this place the great town you want us all to believe it is? Think about it. And don’t tell me to move out if I don’t like it. I have paid my taxes and dues for 20 years and am entitled to my complaints and points of view. Sorry if no one likes it. I’m tired of abiding by stupid rules at my expense to put money in someone’s pocket.

Terri Wolfson



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