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Not the only taxpayer

Concerning Terri Wolfson’s comments regarding the “bicyclists who are rude and not the least bit accommodating” and the comment of “the problem with the Town, is that someone wants to control everything we do.”

Wow, that sure seems like an oxymoron to me. It is quite obvious you have been inundated with this narcissistic attitude “for 20 years” and have forgotten that you are not the only tax and duepayer. Although, you may have well forgotten that you only pay County taxes and therefore are lumped into a bigger area than your beloved Farragut. It is of my opinion, that is if I am entitled to one (being a cyclist – not a “peddler,” I feel as if I am probably a second class citizen), that you may not actually be part of the cure but a part of the disease. Can we not see beyond our own selfish desires and accept that we do not all think, act and travel alike? Granted, I understand your frustration with those that do not obey the law. Personally, I let these cyclists know that we do have to obey traffic laws. Yet, to segregate all cyclists into this box is unfair, distasteful and quite frankly displays the narrow minded attitude that has been equated with the Town of Farragut.

However, being of understanding mind I realize that not all people living in Farragut display this attitude. Therefore, I do not plan on making the claim that, because someone threw a bottle at me while I was riding my bike, in Farragut that all gas pedal pushers in that area are illogical and stupid. Take a look at human behavior, you will notice (I hope) that there are thieves, rapists, murderers. Should we then say that all persons are bad and they do not belong on this earth? That is ridiculous, as is the statement “please get off the roads, they were not meant to be shared with peddlers [sic].”

Again, I understand frustration with disobedient citizens, but please try to think a bit more globally. High gas prices, low employment rates, less money for entertainment. Wow, cycling is starting to sound more logical! As for the calming islands, my suggestion – ride a bike, then it makes no difference and you’ll have less to bellyache about.

Benjy Darnell


Rudesill rebuts caller

I noticed in the April 16 presstalk of the farragutpress that an anonymous e-mailer was critical of my contribution to the campaign of Bob Markil to the Farragut [Board of Mayor and Aldermen]. The writer stated that he/she wondered “how many other developers contributed to Markli and what they expect to get?”

I surmise that the writer is implying that Mr. Markil is on the take and that his vote was for sale. At the least logic dictates that the email writer’s motivation is to neutralize Mr. Markil and pressure him to go against his campaign promises to help get the town moving. Such a tactic by the anonymous e-mail writer should be an embarrassment to the entire BMA. I support all citizens to take their time to participate in our government by running for public office and I also support freedom of the press and expression, such as the right of the anonymous writer to express his or her opinion. Sadly, the e-mail writer expresses an attitude that if anyone disagrees with the writer, and does not support his or her candidate, that person is participating in a conspiracy to “get something” from his candidate in an illegal fashion, or at least intimidate the elected official and thereby allow the writer of the email to in fact “get something” from the elected official, in this case, Mr. Markli.

For the record, the project on Campbell Station Road at Sonja Drive was already zoned for attached housing, I believe 27 units. I was merely asking for the ordinance to be amended to allow “elderly housing” on that project. Also for the record, the staff of the Farragut [Municipal] Planning Commission fully supported the plan. It was not for high-density apartments. The project would have impacted the Sonja Drive and Campbell Station Road traffic minimally, as the residents of assisted living facilities rarely drive automobiles and pickup trucks. The project planned for the property now will generate, on the average, seven trips in and out per household per day, or about 180 trips per day. Furthermore, the assisted living facility that I had planned would have resulted in less impervious surface than the project under construction on the site.

I hasten to say that the project planned for the site is an excellent project and I wish it great success. However, it was only after several citizens, organized by homeowner’s associations, appeared at the Planning Commission meeting and the BMA meting in opposition to my request that the ordinance amendment was denied.

Hopefully the anonymous e-mail writer will get his/her facts straight before attacking someone for expressing his freedom of expression by supporting a candidate whom the anonymous email writer opposed. I also hope that Mr. Markli will vote his conscious [sic] based on his campaign promises and not be influenced by a sore loser.

Gene Rudesill



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