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• Presstalk, does anyone know why we are still paying the TVA fuel cost adjustment on the electric bills through LCUB when gas prices have dropped? It’s taking a lot of money out of peoples’ pockets when they don’t have it. I guess we’re paying for more bonuses. And also, why should we have to pay for the cleanup of TVA when they messed up in Alabama? It looks like they should have been checking their ponds at all the company [sites].

• I’m calling with regard to the lights at the baseball fields at Concord Park. Concern was voiced over the nighttime field light usage when “no one is playing on the fields.” As the field manager of the Farragut baseball fields on the hill by the lake, I am intricately involved with the day-to-day operations at the fields. Practices occur every night until 8:30 p.m., giving our personnel few options for maintenance. Seeing that, as an area high school student, I am unable to prepare the eight fields on game day, that leaves the night before, after practices, as my only option; hence, the lights on late at night. I thank the caller for his concern; however, I can assure him and the Farragut community that “those responsible” are doing everything in their power to assure fiscal and environmental accountability.

Editor’s Note: The sports fields along Northshore Drive across the road from The Cove at Concord Park are all Knox County parks and are not located in or maintained by the town of Farragut. Farragut Baseball Inc. is not affiliated with the town of Farragut.

• I just finished reading my farragutpress for the week and noticed a police report about someone punching out the mirror on a corporate van on Long Bow Road. This is just a message to the perpetrator that I would just like to say “Thank you” from all of us who have to drive by that eyesore every day. Thank you for doing what all of us have wanted to do every day.

• I have read all the comments critical of the “islands of terror” on Grigsby Chapel and Smith roads. I could add my own experience, noticing church traffic backed up a half mile because of the stupid islands. Our new mayor campaigned on the promise he would listen to the residents of Farragut. Now is the time for Mayor [Ralph] McGill to schedule a Town meeting devoted solely to the issue of the islands, allow those who attend to vote on removing them and abide by the wishes of the public.

Editor’s Note: A discussion about the GCR “islands of terror” was high on the agenda at Mayor Ralph McGill’s and the members of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen first meeting Thurs-day, April 23. The agenda was published in this newspaper and is posted on the Town’s public access cable TV channel. One person attended the meeting on that topic and was in favor of the traffic-calming islands. During the planning stages of the islands the Town held several open meetings at which few people attended. Having a few people decide by voting whether a safety feature goes or stays is unfair to those who are unable to attend and not very democratic.

• I just want to say how glad I am to see the calming islands on Grigsby Chapel Road and the four-way stop on Smith Road. There are not as much people with traffic now and people are driving slower, and I am inclined to believe that those who were always speeding, driving down the center lane and blowing horns are the ones who did all the complaining. This is a residential area.

• It seems that in the past week, the train that runs through the town of Farragut has had its engineers laying on the whistle, making an incredible amount of noise, between the hours of midnight and 7 a.m. This is waking up numerous people in many neighborhoods, and I was wondering if there was any way the Town could pass some kind of an ordinance prohibiting the blowing of the whistle in the middle of the night, or if they could pass some kind of ordinance shortening the amount of time the whistle could be blown during those hours. I have been on the roads at night recently and realized there is hardly anyone on the roads for them to blow their whistles at.

Editor’s Note: The railroads are regulated by the federal government.

• I’m calling in regards to the old Kroger building. There should be a lower high school, grades nine through 10, in the old Kroger plaza. And then you could leave grades 11 through 12 in the current building.

• As far as the old Kroger’s building, I agree with so many others that’s called into Farragut presstalk and said they’d love to see the YMCA there. It’d be an ideal location there across from the school where the young people can enjoy it and also it would be a great location for most of the people here in Farragut.

• Via e-mail: To the person who drives their children to school in an SUV for “safety.” Here is some info you need to know. SUVs were designed and built to be work vehicles. Most (including the Ford Explorer) are still built using a truck chassis and have not been comprehensively re-designed to be safely used as passenger vehicles. Trucks are NOT built to the same safety standards as cars. In a crash, the high bumper, stiff frame and steel-panel construction of SUVs can override crash protections of other vehicles, making them dangerous for other motorists in two-vehicle crashes. SUVs also are dangerous for their own occupants. The vehicles’ high profile and narrow track width makes them very rollover prone. Because the typical SUV also has a weak roof and poor crash protection as opposed to a car, this combination of hazards places SUV occupants at a high risk of death or paralysis. Although rollover crashes are rare as a type of crash, the death toll from these crashes accounts for a third of all highway motor vehicle deaths, and [for] 60 percent of the deaths in SUVs. Additionally, cars are designed to “crumple” in a front-end crash, thus diverting crash energy from the passenger compartment. SUVs don’t have this design, resulting in serious injury to the driver and front passenger. If you are driving an SUV for “safety” you need to think again. People often think they’re safer in an SUV because they are heavier and sit higher up, but this is a common misconception. Most cars perform much better in crash tests. Look up the safety statistics before you drive your kids around.

• Via e-mail: [Pertaining to the Kroger building] I would love to see something that Farragut, nor Turkey Creek has … a decent hardware store. Perhaps a small Lowe’s or a larger Ace Hardware. The old Kroger is large enough and they have room on the side for an outdoor/garden section and ample parking.

Editor’s Note: The Ace Hardware at Dixie Lee Junction is pretty large and seems to be well stocked.

• Via e-mail: I think the best use of the old Kroger building would be a Senior Center. The Strang Center has gotten too small for the number of seniors attending events. They have outgrown the current location. There is too little parking and the fitness classes no longer have sufficient room for exercise. The old Kroger location or at some of it would be a perfect fit.

• Via e-mail: The farragutpress has hit an all time low by the huge picture of Bruce Pearl and his buxom babe on the front page Thursday, April 23. This portrayal of Pearl and his young girlfriend is not only inappropriate but speaks ill of Pearl and his reputation. His lifestyle is his own business but should be kept private and not displayed to the public like the National Enquirer. No wonder he can’t coach the men’s basketball team when he can’t get respect from them while giving these young minds the wrong signals. I have for a long time considered The ’Press to be a rag because there is nothing of interest to read but is instead crammed full of ads and Better Business Bureau accolades. What businesses, [they] are very few and we have to go to Turkey Creek for shopping. You also take one issue like the Grigsby Chapel traffic islands and beat it to death. Enough already! It seems your paper is only a gossip sheet out to put certain people in a bad light. What the town of Farragut really needs is a good newspaper. You probably won’t print this but I at least have voiced my opinion and can only hope for better press coverage.

Editor’s Note: Please be advised that Tennessee Vols head basketball coach Bruce Pearl and his escort were attending a public charity event at Concord Marina. Our photographer identified herself to the couple before taking the photograph and were made aware the photo could be used in farragutpress. To insinuate that Coach Pearl cannot coach the men’s basketball team is absurd. Coach Pearl is one of the more successful coaches the Vols have had, having led his team to four NCAA tournament bids, led the Vols to its first outright SEC championship in 41 years and three SEC East Division titles. The charity, Oysterfest, he and Brandy Miller were supporting with their appearance raised more than $60,000 for Childhelp. We are proud of coach Pearl for his support of the community and his success with the Vols, and we are proud to have him and Ms. Miller on the cover of farragutpress. As far as the content of farragutpress, each issue is filled with Town news, up-to-date high school sports coverage and news about the community’s children and their successes in the local schools, as well as stories about new and existing businesses in the area. The Grigsby Chapel Road issue was fostered by calls from the town of Farragut’s citizens and voters. Perhaps you have us confused with some other publications.


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