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• I believe the best solution to the Grigsby Chapel Road disaster is to make Grigsby Chapel Road a toll road. We simply make each calming island a tollbooth. By doing so, we not only reduce the amount of traffic, as not everyone will be willing to pay a toll to drive this road, but we will also significantly reduce the speed on this road as everyone will have to stop approximately every 200 yards to pay a toll. We will be creating jobs for our area, as we will need people to run these booths, and we will be creating revenue for our city. It just seems like a win-win situation to me. Again, [to] the individuals that say those of us who use Grigsby Chapel should simply get up 15 minutes earlier: this solves nothing. If we all get up 15 minutes earlier, all we have accomplished is the exact same traffic problem; we just now have it 15 minutes earlier.

• I’m calling about the editor’s note in a presstalk last week. A caller was defending the lights being on at Concord ballparks. The editor’s note made reference to the fact that the park is not located in or maintained by the town of Farragut. This is the second such editor’s note I’ve seen on articles related to the sports fields on Northshore [Drive]. Is there a reason the press continues to state this fact? Both Farragut Baseball and the CBFO Softball program offer great sports for our youth. The majority of the youth and the volunteers in these programs reside in Farragut. Instead of constantly defending the fact the fields are not in Farragut, maybe the town of Farragut and the farragutpress should get on board and support the teams, kids and parents that put together such a great program. Thank goodness for Knox County to provide such great service for the youth of Farragut.

• Thank you, Mr. [Gene] Rudesill, for bringing an important issue before the public. Not having read the presstalk comment you referred to in your letter, I checked it out, and the zoning for the property on Sonja [Drive] and Campbell Station Road. It’s zoned R-1, and according to the Town’s Web site, allows an average of about two units per acre. My friends at Farragut View informed me that you tried to change the zoning to allow for a multi-story housing complex with a parking garage. Yes, a parking garage in a residential zone. Thank God the homeowners on Sonja and the Farragut [Municipal] Planning Commis-sion were able to stop you.

• Just a suggestion: when you have a piece in your paper like you do today in the April 30 edition, about the grand opening of a business in Farragut, you really ought to put the address in so people know where it is. The article in here about Estelita’s opening a tequila lounge: very interesting, sounds like a great place, but I have no idea where it is. And it’s not the first time you’ve failed to include an address for a new business.

Editor’s Note: You’re right. We should have the address. The restaurant’s address as it appears in Estelita’s advertisement in farragutpress is 120 West End Ave. Thanks for the comment.

• To the people in last week’s presstalk that asked about using the old Kroger building for lower grades, 9th and 10th grade of the high school: do they not realize there is a liquor store next to the old Kroger store? I don’t believe that would be an appropriate place for teenage children to have classes.

• The old Kroger center would be an excellent area for a flea market, with produce people set up inside or outside. There’s plenty of driving and parking areas; the flea market could be limited to a percent of antique items and other items. This would make a good tax base for Farragut to collect extra money, as “Buy in Farragut” does. And we were happy, really happy, with our new Mayor [Ralph McGill].

• I’ve noticed that the editor of presstalk likes to append editor’s notes to readers’ comments. Sometimes these are useful corrections, which are appreciated, but all too often, they are editorial opinions, not facts. Presstalk is the only opinion page I know of where the editor steps in to offer his or her opinion after readers’ comments. I find this sort of veiled censorship offensive. If I wanted to read the editor’s opinion, I would turn to “Miss Manners.” The editor of the opinion page had no business adding an opinion to readers’ contributions. Are you going to append an editorial note to this comment too?

Editor’s Note: You bet. The majority of notes following individual presstalks are corrections to misinformation. That’s what we do in the newspaper business. We try to disseminate correct information. The nice thing about presstalk is that it is open to everyone.

• The Farragut Parks and Recreation Department, in my opinion, is a joke. All the cronies in the department should be removed, along with the lame duck mayor. The lack of customer service in the department is astounding to me, especially their traditional unwillingness to assist other Farragut organizations like CBFO and Farragut Baseball. Too many employees with too little regard for the people they’re supposed to serve, and that’s the citizens of Farragut.

• I was calling concerning the old Kroger building. I feel that should be remade into a senior center. The one that is currently in operation is a disgrace for the size of Farragut.

Editor’s Note: The Strang Center, which is referred to as the Farragut senior center, is not in the town of Farragut. It is operated by Knox County.

• Via e-mail: Before anyone gets too excited about a Senior or Community Center at the old Kroger site, it would be worth remembering that the building is on leased property. The Town or County couldn’t build or remodel without either owning the land or holding a 99-year lease. Anything less would be a waste of tax dollars.

• Via e-mail: Good job Farragut: a new mayor, a new vice mayor, posting for a new Town administrator. Seems like the right track. But has anyone considered a new Town attorney? Isn’t he the person who has steered both the past mayor and past Town administrator for the past years? What little has come into the public recently; seems that a Town attorney should have looked at protecting and advising the Town, not the individuals. And the idea that a citizen contacted the Town attorney over human resources issues and he got involved because the citizen “knew him personally” and then he billed the Town, appears to be a clear conflict. Please, let’s open our eyes and make the one last change that is needed. How much involvement should he have with the daily operations at the Town anyhow? I guess enough to make the money he wants.


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